Microsoft is expanding LinkedIn Audience Targeting

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A new article on Marketing Land reports on the fact that B2B marketers now get to use LinkedIn Profile targeting in Search and Audience campaigns within Microsoft Advertising in more countries than they could previously. The service allows marketers to reach back out automatically to product engagers.

There are three main elements to the latest rollout:
  • LinkedIn Profiling just got bigger. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn back in 2016 and added targeting options for the platform to Bing a couple of years later. This update means you'll now be able to target by job function and company or industry if you're based in either the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, France, or Germany.
  • Dynamic remarketing for Shopping is now out of beta. It used to be known as Product Audiences, but whatever you choose to call it, it's now here to stay. To use the service, you'll need to associate a dynamic remarketing list with a shopping campaign, and then you can retarget visitors to your website with ads for stuff they viewed. That works for product pages, product viewers, product searchers, past buyers, and those who abandon their cart
  • too. You'll need to make sure you're tracking the relevant events via universal event tracking to make this work.
  • In-market audiences. If you're in France or Germany, you'll now be able to target visitors who show intent to purchase within that locale. That's arrived at by their search history and page views. If you're US-based, Microsoft has added another 47 fresh in-market audiences. That brings the total to more than 700.

Improved targeting is a plus but remember, you can only target LinkedIn users via Microsoft

It's worth remembering that if you want to harvest interest via LinkedIn, only Microsoft allows you to do that. Especially if that user-base fits your products, you'll want to make sure you're up to speed with the changes - but these are relatively important upgrades anyhow, so it's worth getting in front of things and not missing out.
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