How to run a successful PR campaign

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Digital Agency Network reminds us that although coming up with a successful PR strategy is no mean feat, there are things we can all do - whether working for or running a professional agency - or just drumming up DIY awareness - that will enhance your chances of getting things right.

The fact is that when you're looking to be good at PR, things are always changing. Getting the backlinks or exposure you want can be far harder in reality than in your planning. For some, links are the defining element in deeming a campaign to be successful, but the article reminds us that there's value in quality as well as in volume. For others out there, the primary target for PR is ranking higher - yet, either of the two does not represent 100% of cases, and sometimes it's a combination of the two, along with a need to develop increased brand awareness.

While every aspect of a PR campaign is important - and beneficial when done right, you should invariably start by defining how success will get measured. That applies whether you're working for a client or trying to drum up more business for your own venture. Decide where to trade off your time and effort (if you work for yourself) or costs (if you're representing a client) against what's to be gained.

What's link velocity, and how much does it matter?

Link velocity is what it sounds like. It's about maintaining momentum, and it's reasonable to think that it looks better - to both Goggle and potential customers - when you do. That means you can't afford to rest too long on little or large victories and gains. You need to keep building on success when it comes to your backlink profile. When there is downtime between campaigns, keep sniffing around for opportunities to build your authority - even if that's not directly connected to efforts surrounding activity like a product launch, for instance.

This article makes some good points. PR often gets viewed as some mysterious dark art, and there's no doubt that when done excellently, it can produce magical results. However, you shouldn't feel daunted when it comes to trying your hand at increasing awareness. Contacts and experience undoubtedly help, but there are certainly things you can do yourself. Different types of activity and tactics can come across well, anyway. Mixing it up isn't going to hurt, making the odd mistake (within reason) likely won't kill your brand, and who knows? It might appear to be a more natural evolution to those looking on.
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