Can anyone help me make my website succeed. Advice only please Im getting skint.

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Hi evryone,
Im new here but not new to the internet.
I retired from full time work 8 years ago and have since then been trying to add to my very small pension. Ive had 2 stores on Shopify both failed, one selling watches and the other Ukuleles, and I know I was in very competitive markets but I thought I would have done better.
Ive tried Affiliate marketing and had very poor results. My best efforts have been with Amazon FBA
but its quite hard to get stuff especially Now during Covid, in fact I havnt sent anything in since February.
I really fancy getting a store to work but have gone off the dropshipping idea because of the lack of control and long delivery times.
Ive now decided to try PLR because stuff is easy to get, nice to sell, and no worries over delivery.
Again however its hard to get noticed. (site link removed by mod) I would love to know from anyone what they thought of it and how to improve it.
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    Hi Jim,

    When you say your two Shopify stores failed, were they getting visitors and not converting to sales, or did they struggle for traffic? And how did you promote the stores? How long were they up?

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      No I couldnt get visitors. I bought FB adds, bought about 30 gigs off Fiverr, was on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter. I watched every Youtube Video. Nothing worked. My site now has had 7500 visitors but I stupidly bought those from Fiverr. My new site is on wordpress with hosting at £3.99 per month so Im OK for a while. Im with "Traffic Domination" Im on Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin, Facebook, and Pintrest and posting regularly so what I would really like is something to happen, just once maybe. I have a load of excellent free stuff on the site and that hasnt worked either.
      Sorry Im a moaning Git,
      PS Sorry to answer your question, I had them up for a bit over 6 months
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      • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy traffic gigs off of Fiverr. The majority of traffic generated from Fiverr gigs is bot-generated traffic. You will get raped by the bots!
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        Originally Posted by Jim Bridge View Post

        No I couldnt get visitors. I bought FB adds, bought about 30 gigs off Fiverr, was on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter. I watched every Youtube Video. Nothing worked. My site now has had 7500 visitors but I stupidly bought those from Fiverr. My new site is on wordpress with hosting at £3.99 per month so Im OK for a while. Im with "Traffic Domination" Im on Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin, Facebook, and Pintrest and posting regularly so what I would really like is something to happen, just once maybe. I have a load of excellent free stuff on the site and that hasnt worked either.

        It's kinda funny to read this for me because it sounds like you are making all the mistakes people always make (yes I did them myself for a very long time) when they try to make money online.
        And just recently I had a coaching call where my mentor spoke about those things again haha

        Because what you do sounds like this:
        I did fb ads for 2 weeks - no sales/no success, so I went to Fiverr tried getting traffic there= no success, so I went to youtube watched 3183283hours of videos, tried to do this social media platform, this and this one - no sales everywhere...

        What if I told you that you can succeed with every opportunity when you focus on ONE thing only and drive all your attention to it. For example facebook ads are clearly working for many people. The reason why it works for others is not because they are lucky it's because they learned it completely over several months and tried and tested and optimized until they got their desired result.

        In order to succeed you need to get rid of the BS in your head, stop the confusion, stop your focus being on different traffic strategies all at once, master and focus on ONE and don't give up on it until you get what you deserve.

        This is the true secret here regarding your 'traffic problems'.

        However it's a requirement of course that you promote something of value and always something which you would also like to buy yourself.
        That's why you should ask yourself whether selling PLR because it's 'easy to get' is not leading into the complete wrong direction again.

        Only sell good products people will be grateful for when they receive them. It sounds obvious but it is not, because I've been there myself and started my affiliate marketing adventure by selling crap - you can guess it - I failed with this of course.

        Therefore pay close attention to what you are offering - make sure that it is something of value but also something which can lead to higher commissions (not just $20 products without a deep sales funnel) and you can start a successful journey
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    From what you've described, it sounds like you've got a site up and then thrown some marketing at it. As a strategy, that's a costly way of experimenting.

    I'd understand if you had an interest in watches or ukuleles that prompted your Shopify ventures, or if the products were as a result of some extensive keyword research, but if they were randomly selected, it would have taken a sizeable marketing budget to gain traction - and I don't mean fiverr gigs.

    You said you were drawn to PLR because "the stuff is easy to get, nice to sell, and no worries over delivery." That's fine from your point of view, but a successful business focuses on the needs and desires of the customer. Have you researched to identify an existing market for the PLR products you're intending to sell? If not, you're just hitting and hoping again.

    Find your market first. Focus on actual customer needs. That way you won't be reliant on promises from traffic services or fiverr sellers, or waiting around for something to happen.

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    Thanks Frank
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    My Son had a website for years that sold specialty puzzles. It was called

    And because his Dad is a marketer, I helped a little in the advice to get it promoted.

    He bought Pay Per Click ads on Google. We researched search terms that had less competition. We also sold them on E-bay. Once the site was up and the ads were running, he took in a couple thousand dollars a month, after all expenses.

    If we were doing it today, I'd also sell them on Amazon, and make videos about the puzzles and post them on Youtube.

    The key is, you need to go to where your customers are looking for what you sell. If you sell ukuleles, you need to advertise them where the buyers are going.

    They are looking to buy on E-bay and Amazon.
    They are typing in "Buy ukuleles' or "Best ukuleles" on Amazon. They are looking for training and tips on choosing and playing ukuleles on Youtube.

    Generic "traffic" is useless. You need to be where the buyers are looking.

    Another tip. Don't sell what 100,000 other people are selling. You'll be competing with real professionals that know what they are doing.

    Find a niche where there are buyers already. Supply them with what they buy.

    And advertise where they are looking.
    One Call Closing book

    What if they're not stars? What if they are holes poked in the top of a container so we can breath?
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    I think Frank and Claude have said it all. The key to success in ANY business is to indentify a NEED. Then find a way to deliver it excellently and if possible, in the cheapest way. Again, for instance, don't go looking for people who want to lose weight in a place like the Warrior Forum. Your audience and your customers have a specific corner of the internet where they hangout.

    With a little bit of research, you will be able to find out where they hangout. When you do, get in front of them. And don't forget to build a list of people who showed interest in what you offer. This way, you can promote your offers and offers similar to the one they indicated interest in - far into the future. When you have a list like this, you have the ability to get "free" marketing at your finger tips.
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    I've tried shopify twice and failed also and all the other ones but I've always felt more comfortable with affiliate marketing. Right now I'm having some success with a free program.

    I know that doesn't answer your question but let me just say that jumping from platform to platform can be very frustrating.

    So if u r looking for another shot at affiliate marketing I have a 100% free course where u can earn commissions from over 50 income streams.

    Want to build an online business the right way?

    Get an entire course in affiliate marketing 100% FREE!

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    Thanks everyone, I am taking it all in and wont be giving up.
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  • Hi Jim,

    Due to Covid more and more people are setting up websites, blogs and make a living working from home. There you have a need that is not going to go away anytime soon.

    So I'd recomend that you move to promote digital products and services aimed at this vertical. For example, Domains, Webhosting, Templates, Website peformance services etc etc.

    This type of programs pay high commissions and for lifetime of the customer.

    Good Luck
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    dont be scared, do it
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    Traffic, of course, LOL? No really, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but this is the truth right? But, it needs to be targeted traffic. Paid traffic is the fastest solution. This would be Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Couple of the hidden traffic source most don't mention is Reddit, Hulu, and Disney now have ad platforms for small business owners. Have you completed a customer avatar... You'll need to know your target audience extremely well to win ad paid advertising. I recommend funnel marketing this makes it easy to get ROI in your ad dollars. Good Luck!!

    Never, never, never, never, never give up! Winston Churchill
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    Well, it clear already in frank reply, but still traffic is not a part of the quantity. If you have huge traffic on a daily basis, ut they don't convert into sales, then your all marketing goes down. the source, the platforms are a major part when you stat an advertisement to generate leads. You should choose a platformer carefully and target only that audience that needs your services and with you can make your website succeed.
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    Okay buddy first of all I need to tell you that there is one major problem with your approach. Instead of trying all the methods in the world try to focus your mind on one method and try to work on it so you can build on your small achievements and grow.

    Another important thing is that after doing the first step and driving traffic towards your website, the next thing that really stands out and people notice in the first place is whether you're getting positive reviews for your website. I was having exactly the same problem but then a friend told me I needed positive reviews for my business. And guess what? He was damn right.

    There are different methods you can get reviews for your website/business. One of the best ways to do this is by getting help from review sites that offer organic reviews from people everywhere. [promotional link removed by moderator]
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  • I think you could do with some coaching. Paid ads can be a nightmare with lack of results and the high cost if you do not know what you are doing. Coaching is expensive too so that could be a stumbling block.

    You could try affiliate marketing by building a big content site on a niche and SEOthe site in the right way to get free traffic. There are lots of excellent inexpensive courses that show you how to do that. You could Google "Authority Hacker" for example. They offer a comprehensive course.

    You would need hosting - which you get get for cheap, wordpress which is free, and a paid keyword tool that you probably would only need to use for a month to gather the initial set of keywords upon which the articles on your site would be based. Some keyword tools allow you to sign up for a 7 day trial - very cheap. You could push it and gather all the keywords you need in just 7 days to build a big site.

    Then you would need time and commitment to write articles about your niche. Since you are retired I am assuming you have a bit more time to research and write articles for your site and monetize the site with affiliate offers.

    Are you good at gardening, music, have knowledgeable about coffee, have a background in finance and helping people save money, good at home improvement, knowledgeable about home security, know aabout cars, etc. These are just a few of the niches you could consider.

    Google traffic, though free, can be a bit tricky since they update their algos so often. But a good affiliate course is always updated and will guide you in constructing your site and pages properly so you have the best chance of getting consistent Google traffic.
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