Organic Article Spinning

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If you insist on spinning Articles instead of creating a fresh one for every submit rampage, here's a cool organic way:

Before we begin, 4 is our magic number but can be replaced for any amount you see fit.

Load your article into Notepad.

Compile it into paragraphs, IE.. Opening/ Para 1/ Para 2/ Para 3/ Para 4/ Closing.

For the 4 middle paragraphs try to swap them around but still keep the article fluent. If you can swap in any order this will produce 24 unique article regardless of the opening/closing paragraphs.

Try to rewrite the opening and closing paragraphs completely for each spin.

The next step is to download the English word alternative PDF HERE!

Now, for each spin choose an alternative word, hit the find and replace button on Notepad, select the original word and replace. Do this with four different alternative words for each spin always working from the ORIGINAL for each new spin.

I'm not sure if the software spinners do it to this depth or more but it's another weapon for your IM arsenal.

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