My $500/Sale Method As An Affiliate Marketer

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Hi guys!

Today i wanna share with you one of the strategies that i'm using to make

High-Tick commission as an affiliate marketer.

I make up to $500/sale using this method

As you know that very few of us doing direct linking.

Me neither.

Most of us are building a list or even a community

from multiple platform. That's what i did.

All of my High-tick sale came from my list.

If i did direct linking, i could only make low-ticket sales.

To be able to make high-ticket sales, we will need to do something
And this something is exactly like we try to attract a beautiful woman/man.

If we see them for the first time on the street, we go straight to them
and ask them to marry us, we are very likely get disappointed,

This is the same when we try to sell high-ticket product, we need to do something first.
and today in this post, i'm going to share with you one of my strategy that i used

Here's My strategy

I sell Low-ticket products at front of my funnel first. Then i follow up with them and
offer them high-ticket products.

In order to make high-ticket sales, you should be successful at selling them one or
some low-ticket products toward that high-ticket product.

Less then $10 is great to be a low ticket product to offer.

This is why even super affiliate are selling low ticket products.

Everything happen for a reason, and if we wise enough, we can pick them up.


I hope you enjoy my tip and if you have any question, please let me know in the comment below.

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    Very interesting way to do thi thanks for the input much appreciated
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      I'm glad you like it.

      Thanks for letting me know.

      If you have any questions, feel free to drop them here
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    Originally Posted by Mabu Map View Post

    If i did direct linking, i could only make low-ticket sales.
    People are making money with HIGH ticket items even when they do direct linking.

    While something may not work for you as well, it may work for others.
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    This seems like a logical idea, but some people are missing it. And it might work but you email series have to be pretty good in order to keep people interested
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    I agree it's the best way to do it. Low entry point leading to a high commission sale.
    The problem is that most people will struggle to find such a good working funnel system..
    Luckily I already promote something like this
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    That's a little bit of an old, outdated way of selling high ticket offers. If someone is looking for help to fix a big problem in their life or business, isn't it best you sell them the help immediately for $1000 to $10,000 or more and save them the time of waiting by buying the low ticket offers first? The way to sell high ticket offers effectively isn't the old way of selling high ticket offers which is usually to try sell low ticket offers first then a high ticket offer.

    The way to do this effectively is to use a webinar or video presentation to show people your ability to help them solve the problem, then you give them an opportunity to speak to you over the phone or zoom video. On the call, you can sell them a high ticket offer for $3000 to $10,000 or more. We've done this and have showed our clients how to do this.

    It's a simple and straightforward strategy and cuts through the BS...and gives your clients the much needed help right away.


    P.S - You lose your best clients as you sell them low ticket offers because your best clients don't have time to waste. They need help and they need it NOW. Selling them your high ticket offer immediately is the absolute best way to help them right away.
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    Most of the internet gurus are following this ...
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    This its the strategy to go but its not as easy as it sounds ,firstly to make people buy that high ticket item you must deliver them free value in the begining of your emails ,so you need to make them trust you and like you and after you gain their trust you can promote the higher tichet item .If you bombard them imediatly as you aquire them on your email with a 500 offer you will have a big unsubscribe percentage from your list

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