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OK, so in the past few months I have been doing my own videos on YouTube where I talk about a few topics. Learned that skill years ago where I took a video of myself talking about something or a product and learned how to upload it to YouTube, provide a link on the video and that was it.

So last year I decided to re-start doing these videos again and uploading it with my GoPro. Another skill I had to learn. (Shoot the video then connect the GoPro to my phone)

Then I took a look at other people's channels and noticed those really cool looking feature called a THUMBNAILS which is really a cover image for your video.

So I said that I want to create them for myself but had NO clue how to do them. I was like clueless.

Then I said I am going to Fiverr and probably hire a person to do it for me. But because they charge like $5-$10 per thumbnail and because I do these videos almost every day, why not learn it myself.

So I went to YouTube and searched how to do it.

There was ONE guy that showed how to do it the right way and watched his videos a few times over and over and over and over again. Tried to do it myself on my phone. After a few days of trial and error, I mastered doing these thumbnails myself which look very professionally. (Don't ask me to show them here)

So bottom line is this:

I mastered a new skill that I haven't known how to do before.

So what ever your challenges are when it comes to online marketing, make a goal to learn and master a skill that you think is HARD for you.

If you just commit, you would be amazed at yourself.
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