How the word "est" is making a logo-based comeback

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Vintage-style logos are currently booming, and this interesting article via Medium looks at why that might be, plus explores some of the history we read about why the three-letter word 'Est' has returned to so many logos - indicating when a company got founded, and how mustaches are also extremely popular.

If you're thinking about designing or even redesigning a logo for your business, you may want to give this piece a read before you negate the possibility of including a mustache in there somewhere. Apparently also, the word 'Est' now appears 17 times more on logos than it did as recently as 1980.

Retro-style logos owe more to newspaper print than modern ones do - with press advertising being the main option for advertisers back in the day. There's more of a typographic style to older logos, and that seems to be what's captured the imagination of business owners in the 21 st century. There was less room for creativity when designing early logos, but telling potential customers how long you'd been around was seen as a good thing. Hence the widespread use of the word 'Est.'

What goes around, comes around - including 'Est'

Using 'Est' became commonplace on logos, but that didn't last forever as design became a lot more modern heading toward the eighties. 'Est' reached its lowest point during the seventies - but now, it seems, it's appearing everywhere again - even more so than when it was first employed by companies that relied on newspapers and typographers to create awareness.

While nostalgia wasn't so popular in the seventies, it's been back for a while - extending
to how businesses approach logo design. Hipsters love to recycle stuff, and the consensus
appears to be that 'Est' conveys authenticity, just like recycled wood café tables do.
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    It's something I noticed a long time ago.. Basically, with companies popping up daily, products that compete in hundreds for the same niche, a company that can prove it won the fight with time will surely win some clients.. That's why many vintage things start to become very popular..
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