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Marketing Land reminds us that Porsche has been a powerhouse in the automotive industry for over 50 years now, and looks at the challenges faced while trying to capitalize on the success achieved during the last century.

Porsche's ultra-modern AR Visualiser app was five years in the making, and it's intended to keep the German manufacturer at the top of both the luxury and sports car markets well into the 21st century. The brand uses it to create digital brand experiences, as well as for an internal training tool. Software platform 8th Wall is what powers Porsche's AR Visualiser app, and the company's CEO, Erik Murphy-Chutorian had this to say:

"[The Porsche AR Visualiser app] started as a native app for onboarding new employees. Now the Porsche brand can be experienced digitally with a solution that works on 90% of mobile devices. The brand achieves a deeper and more meaningful connection to customers through this process of immersion. Customers are allowed to explore and learn about the company in a way that is natural, engaging, and memorable."
How Porsche is linking its past and present success with a promising future

Porsche forms its digital brand experience using three chapters - the past, the present, and the future. The company's rich brand history gets experienced alongside current Porsche models. It leads to a look at Porsche's commitment to innovation as employees get led through the experience by an avatar. The platform originally got designed to be an onboarding tool:

"The investment up front for a high quality experience for employees as an internal training tool really paid off when we had to reuse the assets. We used a past internal project with the Porsche Cayenne to promote the new Cayenne to the external audience. Creating the new chapters of content was definitely the biggest challenge of this process. There was a lot of learning involved but we kept the architecture quite modular so we can expand in the future and add experiences based on consumer demand and corporate direction."
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