Site owners informed by Google of 'longer than usual' delays in search console reporting

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Search Engine Journal reports that we should anticipate delays with Google Search Console and that the Company has just confirmed that. The issue responsible for holdups is connected to updating the index coverage report.

If you're wondering precisely what the Index Coverage report is, it's the part of the system that determines and displays whether or not individual pages have been or are yet to get indexed - and also logs any problems experienced while trying to index the pages. If you already knew that and had been wondering why your new pages haven't gotten indexed lately - here's what's likely to happen.

Google can still crawl, rank, and index pages - it seems it just isn't quite sure where it's up to with all of that. From a user perspective, what it means is that even though your recently published page isn't showing up as indexed, they might well be indexed. You can easily check which is the case by using "site:" in Google search. Just type in 'site:page-domain' in a Google search. If the page has been indexed, it'll pop up as the search result.

Get updates on the situation from Google via Twitter

That's not quite as convenient as if the search report was functioning, but it's not the end of the world once you know how to get around the problem. Google has yet to say when the issue will get rectified, and the report itself was last updated as far back as the last day in August. John Mueller said about a week ago that everything should be back to normal soon, but so far, that's not happened. This event isn't the first time that search console
reporting has experienced delays - it's occurred several times before, and history tells us
holdups can last anything from a few days to a few weeks. Keep an eye on Google's tweets if you're concerned, because that's how the company provided updates on delays in the past.
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    How long will delays be that they confirmed this? It isn't unusual from time to time to get delays so this time must be a really long period or something..
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