How to Be More Agile When You Make Strategic Marketing Plans

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Marketing Land tells how putting agile marketing planning in place can benefit your company when it comes to client relationships and communication. Agile is fast gaining traction with marketing professionals all over. However, many teams might still be wondering how exactly to get agile planning off the ground. John Cass is a digital strategist and hosts the Deep Dive Agile Marketing podcast:

"Agile marketing is about adaptiveness and transparency. Better communication equals better understanding of what marketers do and where you are in the [marketing] process."

Stacey Ackerman is the founder of Aglify. She says, "Strategy does not go away in agile. How you get to a goal is defined a little bit more in real-time. What you are not going to work on is just as important as what you are going to work on."

In fact, a large part of Agile marketing is about starting off with identifying tasks that won't get worked on. The theory behind that is by eliminating unnecessary tasks early on; you're better able to get results and make money from the aspects of campaigns you do expend time and energy pursuing. It makes for a clearer strategy, more efficiency, and a better picture for clients, which all make good sense.

Everyone Gets Involved with Agile Marketing Planning

Agile planning also involves everyone being at the meeting from the get-go - not just the marketing team. That means discussing campaign length, personnel planning, and which problems might arise. Cass explains:

"You need colleagues who run systems and digital processes at the table. Agile marketing, because of its level of transparency, shows your team and your stakeholders what you are planning to work on in a given period."
In theory, that sort of planning process should lead to more than just improved client relations; you should also start to see better results too. Getting everyone involved from day one also means departments get more used to working together.
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    You shared some great tips about the agile marketing plan. I want to ask should I also include any marketing automation tools into my marketing plan? Will they prove to be effective?
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    Thanks for the tip, I have some new ideas now)))
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