Holiday 2020 V400.0 - The Main Prediction is Be Ready for Anything and Everything

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A new article Marketing Land says that we should be ready for anything during the holiday season and that consumer email inboxes everywhere are very probably going to take one hell of a beating too.

So, what can you do to get noticed amid the wave of emails and marketing that will undoubtedly take place during holidays? There's no silver bullet. It's a case of making an effort and paying attention to detail, according to the article. Examine data as carefully as possible, define your authenticity to the best of your ability, and figure out exactly what it is about your brand that makes the people who like it, like it. Try and improve on what you did last year by taking a fresh, informed look at everything you do, and how you intend to do that.
  • Subject line email marketing isn't where the message stops. The article says that most marketers test for subject line results when the message inside is far more important, and that's where the analysis should get focused instead.
  • Real-time content has more to offer these days than when it first emerged about ten years ago, and many marketers overlook its potential to help their efforts stand out from the crowd. Try to learn more about the option and explore how it can help your campaigns.

Expect the Unexpected, Be Ready to Adapt Mid-campaign

Perhaps the best thing you can plan for this holiday season is to be ready to admit you've gotten it wrong - and to start again mid-campaign. If things aren't working, change them. Perhaps the best-case scenario, though, is one where you've put in the effort and analysis and made your offerings stand out from the crowd.
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