Taboola Has Adopted Pre-bid Safety Tech

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Marketing Land reports that a partnership between Taboola and Integral Ad Science (IAS) is designed to offer users brand safety at scale. In case you didn't know, Taboola is a content and discovery platform, and it's just announced a deal which will see it deploy IAS brand safety technology on the Taboola platform.

This is going to be of interest to a lot of digital marketers out there, so I wanted to bring this article to your attention. It won't be for everyone. On Taboola, publishers get to place relevant content before a monthly audience that's figured to be somewhere in the region of 1.4 billion. Native ads are able to monetize advertising content. IAS brings ad quality and anti-fraud solutions to the table. It will deliver pre-bid brand safety controls for users on the Taboola platform. IAS rates web pages on a range of suitability parameters and blocks ads from locations it deems unsafe. The brand itself gets to set its own threshold for risk.

Taboola says that it considers the partnership with IAS and the service on offer to be a first in the industry. Dave Struzzi, Corporate Communications Leader for Taboola, said:

"IAS works with a variety of publishers, platforms, and advertisers, but to date, IAS pre-bid brand safety solutions are typically found in traditional demand side platforms. This integration is the first of its kind within a closed native advertising platform which operates on a CPC bidding model."

While Taboola already has its own controls for safety, it says that the integration of third-party tools for a similar purpose is significant, so that company employees are," not the ones 'grading our own homework' re brand safety."

As the article on Marketing Land puts it: "While many brands handle safety by selectively buying ad inventory from premium publishers, the temptation to reach audiences at scale through programmatic native advertising, where inventory purchase is automated remains great--and fraught with risk. This is an attempt to mitigate that risk."
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    Any idea how this will influence traffic acquisition? It is part of my marketing plan and I wouldn`t want to have to find something else..
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    Interesting summer for Taboola. First the failed merger with Outbrain (obviously their biggest headline story), and now seemingly this attempt to capture (re-capture?) some more "premium" brand dollars via a risk-mitigation technology partnership. Will be interesting to monitor...
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