What's digital asset management, and why should you care anyway?

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Marketing Land asks what digital asset management is, and tells marketers why they should care, so perhaps you had better read.

We're told that Digital Asset Management platforms, often called DAMs, are software programs for storing, organizing, and enabling more efficient use of an organization's complete library of digital assets. This relates to the "single source of truth" idea, where marketers can source every relevant version of the media assets that have been created for a brand. That extends to PDF material, images, and photographs, as well as audio, video, and VR formats.

The author tells us that DAMs mean we can more easily find assets based on relevant uses because they get appended within the system based on metadata. That means marketers can instantly learn about things like ownership and internal approvals, removing the need for a lot of time-consuming research when it comes to making sure the brand voice gets maintained.

How Different Organizations Use DAMs In the Present Time

DAMs get used by marketing agencies to achieve consistency and are especially useful when in-house and outsourced teams need to combine. Whereas B2B companies may use DAMs as a centralized hub for sales and marketing materials. DAMs are also a massive plus when it comes to the fact so many employees are currently working from home because they allow easier collaboration between distributed workforces.

The emergence of SaaS companies has also done absolutely nothing in the way of dulling the many perceived benefits of DAMs. Before the Saas industry got off the ground, DAMs needed to be installed on company servers. Now, with SaaS so prevalent and functional, cloud-based DAMs offer so much more scope, and global cooperation is fully achievable, so I guess DAMs will be going nowhere in a hurry?
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    As you have discussed, DAM and SaaS have made me more interested in writing a comment here. I think you are right that SaaS has become much prevalent now, and now cloud-based operations have been evolving in the market. I would say that not only SaaS but DaaS(desktop as a service) and WaaS(workspace as a service) are some other cloud-based solutions that have become prominent now. I don't know if you are aware of these virtual desktop solutions. With these cloud-based virtual desktop solutions, which are being used globally, the DAM has more scope, and the cloud is used more securely, flexibly, and on multiple devices.
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