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Hi guys

Long story short:

Past summer we (me and wife) decided to invest time and money into different offline customers, high paying ones, since the amount of experience and connections we have ables us to deliver solid work for those customers in different areas.

What we did was OVERDELIVER with these ones. We had the expectation of getting some future references to new projects by these clients. We worked well, we always delivered more than expected and we created serious business relationships.

Guess what,

Today I had a phonecall from one of those summer customers. He had a meeting with business partners and he told them how he loved what we have done for him last couple months.

3 of them loved the idea of getting a fresh IM plan to their companies.

Next weeks we're starting 3 big projects for these companies. Not those offline small projects for a site development and maybe a autoresponder series. Nop. These are big projects for big sites and Offline/Web marketing full scale.

Add to the list the one we're developing right now that also came referenced by a past customer.

Bottom line: Overdeliver when you can and expect future references.

Customers appreciate your efforts to help them grow and they will help you out when they can, passing the word on YOU.

Lesson learned.
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    Congrats Way to go!

    Glad to see you doing so well!
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    Amen brother. One of my own clients tried us on a very low-end lead generation package. They loved the results and I now sell him leads on a retainer/rental plan for about 7 different businesses and he hooked me up with a floundering e-commerce business that he knew.

    Turns out the e-commerce guy also has kiosks in the local mall. More referrals came from that, and by word of mouth, later next week I'm pitching an IM strategy to a company that wants to throw $30,000 at the problem and is looking for one company to do it all.

    I started this business on September 10th, 2009.

    Smart businesses are aggressively expanding to swipe market share in this economy. And because they're succeeding, they're getting the cash to spend to keep going. And guess what? They want people who can help them spend that money effectively and get results.

    And any internet marketer can provide way more results with less money and PROVE IT than any radio, tv, print, or sign ads these local b&m m&p shops are used to.

    It's hard work. And it IS work.

    But there's work out there to be had and a lot of it. Go get it!

    Fair warning: It's possible I'm arguing with you because I have nothing better to do.
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    You are so right about this mindset! It's what I do, and I almost never need to market because I always get referrals.

    So, even though you might be spending more time to overdeliver for your current customers, you're saving a lot of time and effort not having to market so often.
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      Originally Posted by robfoster View Post

      Honesty and performing more than expectation always helps to get better business next time.
      This is a good rule of thumb for any business, but especially true in the offline niche as word of mouth(referrals) can be sooooo valuable. In today's world GOOD customer service is the exception, not the norm, so you will absolutley stand out. 95% of my business is referral based.

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    Great Post Fernando. I really do believe this is the best way to not only handle IM but business in general.
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      Originally Posted by sweetfranky View Post

      Great Post Fernando. I really do believe this is the best way to not only handle IM but business in general.
      The thing is, many Warriors get into offline market AFTER they start doing business online (not my personal case) so they end losing customers while assuming it's same stuff.

      Pretty cool to realize I am not alone in this approach
      People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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