Why journey mapping is important for companies with more than one brand

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Marketing Land says that when a company has more than one brand, it's very important for marketers to learn how consumers move around between each one.

Without mapping, you won't know how a customer jumped around between each of your different brands - which can be great knowledge to have when it comes to working out your marketing strategies. Customer journey mapping can illustrate cross-brand marketing opportunities and add value to any marketing campaign, so not mapping is a waste.

Pat Maigler, who is Senior Manager of Marketing Strategy and Operations with Williams-Sonoma, said:

"There is keen interest in how a customer moves from one brand to another. It all starts with data, and there is a lot of data to get from a lot of sources."
Tracking trends and using data

When it comes to tracking trends during the pandemic, for instance, that's particularly important for companies that own more than one brand. It's essential to try and find out which order customers follow when working through each brand and track that customer journey as closely as possible so you can learn from it and plan marketing activities around that information. Do consumers arrive via lower-priced brands and work their way up, or do larger promotions draw people in? Has COVID-19 affected journeys, and if so, how has consumer attitude to your brands changed because of the crisis?

Maigler also suggests that instead of limiting your customer journey mapping, you should look at where your customers really are and take note of the needs they express. That means using data and monitoring app engagement too. You can compare trends with the ideal scenario and figure out where failings are, then act to fill the gaps:

"There are a lot of signals that can really be informing you of what is going on [in the journey]. The challenge is to understand the individual versus the household, that is the next big shift."
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