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So I'm going to start a multi vendor marketplace in a niche I am very familiar with. I am wanting it to be free to set up your store and make a little bit off of each sale and also have an ebay like auction house integrated into the site. What should I be researching and learning about? What are some things I need to know but probably wont think about? I am not really in a rush to get things started, but I do want to get a minimally viable site up to work on. After looking at the hosting providers, it seems like a shared server would be ok for now, but is that ok for what I am trying to accomplish?
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    You can do it with WooCommerce and one of the multi vendor plugins that works with it. Another way is getting a script on CodeCanyon or ThemeForest, they have several ready-made sites with this feature. You should figure out whether you want to charge them per product/listing, a monthly fee, do you want to accept payments for them, etc...

    To get started I'm a big fan of using shared hosting and if the shared hosting doesn't work then I move up. I try to start with shared hosting for most projects.
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      On the payments, I want to accept the payments and hold them until customer receives said merchandise. Im not even sure what would be the best payment platform or how that would work. Im really wanting to stay away from paypal.
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    If you are comfortable with WordPress then WooCommerce with a multi vendor plugin might be what you want. As far as plugins to bring that functionality there are several. Here are a few: this is a tutorial for using this plugin this company makes great plugins for woocommerce. I never tried this one but depending on your needs could be free.

    As far as payment platform you'll want a merchant account but you want to let them know from the beginning what you're doing since I believe holding payments might put you in a higher risk category and it's better to be truthful from the beginning then losing your merchant account while your site is growing. Popular ones are Stripe, Braintree Payments (owned by PayPal), there are a ton to pick from. Main thing you want to make sure is that it's compatible with whatever platform you choose or you'll have to make it compatible which can cost you more money. is another popular gateway that works with a lot of platforms (for this one your merchant provider usually sets you up with a merchant account with a different company and then uses as the gateway).

    Remember though most merchant accounts will charge you a minimum of about $80 a month whether you process or not unless you go with something like Stripe or Braintree Payments that charge only a percentage + I think 35 cents per transaction.
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    I appreciate all the info, I am looking into the woocommerce links you provided. That info about letting the payment processor know my plans on how i plan on using it may have just saved me a heck of a headache!
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    I am looking at hosting companies now, i am considering siteground. I have read alot about the sitelock scams on bluehost and hostgator, so going to steer clear of them.
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