I have returned after 10 years

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What is the game now , I was scared to even come back to warriorforum but what is the big money nowadays I know its a broad question but I was just wondering what I missed and if you got any advice I really need to start another income stream due to this covid outbreak going on , so I am back but I honestly forgot where to start it's been that long... I used to do CPA pay per sale for sittercity and care.com for 70$ a sale converted 20-1 and after a few years they put the hammer down and made it pay per lead $8 or something so it wasn't even worth it anymore so my $600 a day campaign died , my other stuff kinda died off too as my attention turned offline more but I did sell an adsense website I built up to $150 a day.. Those are my two biggest money ventures but that was like 8-10 years ago so any advice would be greatly appreciated on where to start again ... any gold nugget threads ect.
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    Originally Posted by buckz55 View Post

    ... any gold nugget threads ect.
    Give you a few suggestions as far as threads, see the Path section threads




    Also visit this thread hopefully you can understand the mindset needed - https://www.warriorforum.com/mind-wa...h-mindset.html

    One final suggestion - https://www.warriorforum.com/main-in...ly-normal.html
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    Welcome.Am returning after few years and i find people are more comfortable buying online when compared to 6 to 10 years and this helps affiliate marketers . The traffic is good but there are more spammers when compared to the olden days and people are quick to spot them. so when we create value and give good info we can make good sales.
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    A lot has changed since the last decade.

    What hasn't changed is that a good pitch with a buy button still rocks the cradle.

    I venture to say that people still have the same senses they had years ago.

    I find them more immune to run of the mill messages with a trigger-happy BS detector.

    George Troy Marketing on Youtube

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    I guess nowadays it's more important than ever to be unique and to create a positive relationship with your audience. Giving value instead of making a quick buck should be focus number 1.
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    People are just more online nowadays and you know what your question actually make me confused as now I am thinking what significant changed in terms of technology I couldn't think of anything much its just that there are more people online and on social media. But amount of scammers has also increased manyfold and they come from every corner first world, second world or out of this world.
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    Wow. You have written the longest sentence I have seen in a long time.

    My advice:

    Don't post until you carefully review every forum on this board. Take a week -- take 3 -- to find out what others are doing. Then digest what you have learned. If you then have specific questions about specific marketing niches ask them in the appropriate discussions. People will help.
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    I don't believe in coincidences. After all these years, today I just opened this forum again, and I came across this discussion.
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