Google Launches New Speech Enhancement Tech for Audio Within YouTube Stories

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Google just launched a new speech-enhancement option for YouTube Stories. In practice, it enhances videos by reducing background noise, but this development is part of the platform's efforts in speech-translation too. YouTube is using machine learning tech to isolate speech in videos, and applying it this way helps to tune the technology, which is quite clever.

"By training the model on a large-scale collection of online videos, we are able to capture correlations between speech and visual signals, such as mouth movements and facial expressions, which can then be used to separate the speech of one person in a video from another, or to separate speech from background sounds. This technology not only achieves state-of-the-art results in speech separation and enhancement (a noticeable 1.5dB improvement over audio-only models), but in particular, can improve the results over audio-only processing when there are multiple people speaking, as the visual cues in the video help determine who is saying what."
While that's great news for publishes of YouTube Stories content, it's good news for the developers tasked with making YouTube's speech-enhancement tech function too. If this is something you'd like to utilize, that's easy. All you need to do is record a video and then select 'Enhance Speech' within the volume controls editing tool.

Speech-enhancement to roll out on a wider scale?

It goes without saying that you need 10,000 subscribers to access YouTube Stories creation - but that might change in the future. Plus, when fully developed, speech-enhancement might well roll out on a wider scale - It's a case of 'watch this space,' or maybe listen to it anyway.
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    Not directly related, but this cool add-on reminded me of another really neat development in audio tech that Google unveiled recently: "hum to search" ( Basically you can hum a tune (no lyrics necessary) to Google and it identifies the song. Not a huge scale use case, but underscores the great extent to which Google is really upping its audio game ....
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    With the rebranding of Bing, google wants to stand out from the crowd. Expect more things in the coming few days as competition become super.
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