Forbes article Claims 50 Million Joined the 'Creator Economy' Through Platforms Like OnlyFans, YouTu

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A new article on Forbes says that 50M people joined The 'Creator Economy' via platforms like OnlyFans, YouTube, Etsy And Twitch. The author remarks on the fact that YouTuber is now three times more popular among kids in the US than astronaut as a prospective job.

It's not just the fame, though. Fortune follows when it comes to creating online. Two million creators are already making six-figure sums. Josh Constine is Head of Content at SignalFire

"If you take a traditional job where you're employed by somebody else, you can't actually be yourself. In the modern age, self-expression is so integral. We identify ourselves by what we do and how we spend our time."
However, it's going to be interesting to see how this develops from the point of view of marketing. Sponsored Influencers rake in dollars, but we've already seen backlashes against them, driven by a perceived lack of authenticity - and with more wannabee influencers out there, there's only so many brands to go around, right?. So, maybe going to the brands isn't where the money is for creators?

On OnlyFans, users can sell erotic content to subscribers and get paid monthly fees. Some of those people make more than $100,000 each year by privately engaging with their fans. Anyone can make money if they're willing and able to create. Constine adds:

"I think society is waking up to the fact that on your deathbed, you care about what you did, not what you owned. People care about how they actually spend their time, and they want to spend it doing what they love, and if they can make that passion into their profession, that's going to drive the biggest long-term fulfilment. Content isn't one size fits all anymore. And finally, people of every type of background and demographic can see themselves represented in entertainment and have their interests catered to."
That's borne out by YouTube. The platform claims that channels earning five and six figures are growing 40%. This article speculates about whether COVID-19 and more and more channels and ready-made tools for creating has created the perfect forum for amateur creators. Will this change how brands view online celebrities and is this food for thought where marketers are concerned?
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    it is called the eEconomy where every creativity sells. Kids are already making more money than what their parents did at their age. And we expect this to epand and grow in the coming years.
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      Kids are already making more money than what their parents did at their age
      I find this phenomenon most intriguing/true on Roblox. It's incredible - they provide gaming development tools to kids, who then create their own games, monetizable via in-app purchases, which can become legitimate money makers/hits! And even if they don't, as a parent I feel "less bad" about a kid learning development skills that feel like playing
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    I'm really pleased for all of those making money on these platforms!

    Especially as they will not need to go out of their houses, so its Covid 19 friendly.

    It also shows that there is always hope and that their will always be
    new ways to make money from the internet

    All the best

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    50 million is alot of people. I'm not sure I agree that a simple phone and internet connection will do it these days .You probably still should have a business plan. It's very competitive and popular channels in YouTube for example almost look as if you are watching a cable channel. But yes it's still a great opportunity.
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