Customisable Amazon sponsored display ads go live globally

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A new article on Marketing Land might be of interest to anyone who uses Amazon. The author reports that Amazon has just rolled out extra options for eligible advertisers. That extends to being able to add a logo and customize headlines in sponsored display ads - and the feature will be made available worldwide before a couple of 2020 Prime Days.

You can run sponsored display ads on product description pages, with customer reviews, on shopping results pages, and even under the Featured Offer. Sponsored display ads feature the ability to target based on views, interests, or products. If you do opt to add a logo and headline, however, you'll only be able to target users based on the product.

You'll need to be enrolled on Brand Registry to use product targeting with Sponsored Display Ads. Many Amazon marketers might want to be aware of this change because we're fast approaching a couple of Prime Days (on October 13th and October 14th). The new option rolls out just ahead of those dates globally, and if you act now, you can familiarize yourself with the feature ahead of what's likely to be an online shopping peak period - and hopefully boost your sales too.

Amazon itself recommends using Sponsored Display product targeting is you want to maximize page views when pushing new or under-exposed products from your existing catalog. While doing things this way helps to raise awareness about new products and offerings from your catalog, you also get access to larger remarketing audiences - which you can then reach out to by using view-based targeting. When you add your logo and tailor a specific headline to match your product, that also increases your ability to grab attention and raises the chance you'll boost engagement.
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