Spotify offers Gen Z and Millennial insights in order to help marketers connect better

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A new article on Entrepreneur reports that younger generations of consumers are ready for big changes to happen. Now, streaming giant Spotify is attempting to make it easier for marketers everywhere to get insights into what Gen Z and millennials really want.

"So, this hard to reach, highly-coveted demographic is showing up on Spotify every day to listen, and we are encouraging marketers: this is the place for them to be heard by providing them these insights and these tips from this generation," according to Lee Brown, who is Spotify's vice president and global head of advertising.

What do young consumers really want?

Spotify's recent "Culture Next" survey goes a little way to answering that question. It quizzed Gen Z and Millennials about their thinking and found that more than 60 percent are "ready to rebuild society from the ground up." The survey also discovered that - when it comes to the career path and education - societal norms don't apply so much to this particular generation:

"One thing that was interesting was that 1 in 3 don't plan to go to college and plan to start their own business, while 65 percent of the respondents are already, or plan to be, their own boss."
Spotify has even written some suggestions about where marketers should focus their efforts:
  • Provide relatable content from community leaders and activists.
  • Highlight movements throughout the year instead of capitalizing on snapshot moments like Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Black History Month.
  • Use audio as a time machine to "transport them back to another point in time that they can recall.

How listening has changed during the pandemic

The survey also discovered that parents were bonding with their children via streaming during lockdowns:

"That was something that we saw with the shifts in listening behavior during COVID, that more people were listening together and in groups at home and that was what was bringing them together," said Brown. He says that for Spotify, the aim is to help Gen Z users get what they want, at the same time as making it easier for marketers to reach out.
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