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by jasa01
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hi guys

I am jose sicaja from Guatemala. I would like to know how to create an originals videos in youtube and growing my channel of the best way. if you know any advice. I appreciate

if you know any program, that I can use it to make professionals videos, something like that

I have been trying to make money online for several years, but with no permanent results

thank you so much, blessing
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  • Hi Jose, can you provide some more information about your business/what you're trying to do on YouTube/your niche? Hard to guide in a vacuum, but fwiw this thread has hundreds of replies and a lot of rich youtube best practices detail. Would recommend:
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    You can start recording your own videos like if you are a fan of travelling then start a travel channel on YouTube. YouTube works on different strategies. To grow your channel you need to maitain the consistency.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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      Yes, consistency is a must if you post videos.
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    Hi jose First you need to select the topic that you want to make video and make the video with unique idea .To grow your channel you need to do some marketing.Then you need to fulfill the youtube monetization requirements.
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    There are many ways to grow a channel.

    But first you need to decide on what you are going to talk about and how you plan to help a group of people.

    Monetization is ok, but you can make a full time living without it.

    If people search for a solution to a problem and locate your video, then you can ge tthem to opt-in and turn each video into a small list building machine.

    I use this method a lot on my channels and it works.


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    If you want to grow your youtube channel focus on keyword research in combination with valuable content and in addition to that you show presence yourself - leave comments on videos in your niche and repeat it over and over until people notice you and check your channel out.

    You can and should also share your videos for example in twitter to get some views.
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    The best way is to get started and be consistent. Your title and keywords will play a big part in how much your videos get viewed. I took a training course on creating and ranking YouTube videos that helped me a lot
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    I use these apps on my phone to do editing and also video covers to look more professional.


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    Yes, you can upload videos on youtube. That will help you get regular traffic.
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