New Update: Google Indexing Bug Almost Fixed

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Google updated users on its ongoing indexing issues, saying that the widespread problems with its mobile indexing and canonicalization are almost solved.

Google SearchLiaison took to Twitter earlier in the week to issue an update about the long drawn out problems with Google's mobile indexing. The account said that the main indexing issue is 99% fixed. There are still some problems with canonical indexing, however. The estimate for that particular set of issues was that it is only 55% resolved, unfortunately.

Publishers first noticed Google gremlins when web pages started to drop off the index for no apparent reason. In fact, it often happened with home pages. Unfortunately, the problems were not just limited to home pages. New web pages were also taking ages to get indexed. Some web publishers even reported that you could partially fix the problem by resubmitting any dropped URLs to Google Search Console - and that resulted in the missing pages getting restored.

There has also been widespread problems with how Google gives attribution to web pages with duplicate content. The canonicalization issues extended to Google displaying infringing content instead of the original versions. That could happen if, for example, someone scraped your page. It was also happening with syndicated content:

"If a previously indexed page has gone, it might be the mobile-indexing issue, where we're failing to select any page at all to index. If the canonical issue is involved, URL Inspector may show the URL as a duplicate & the Google-selected canonical will be different from it...."

Luckily, it now appears that the issues are gradually getting resolved, which is going to be great news for publishers all over:

"Update: the mobile indexing was effectively resolved yesterday, with about 99% of the URLs restored. Work on the canonical issue continues, with about 55% of impacted URLs restored."
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    Oh, Thank God! I was facing so many problems due to the Google indexing bug. It's such a relief for publishers.
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    This is terrible. I run websites and have problem with backlinks indexing so many times. They play ugly games.

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