Google Just Announced New Advertiser Insights, 'Performance Max' Automated Campaigns

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According to Social Media Today, Google just announced it's rolled out a new set of insights for advertisers looking to find key search trends in their niche so they can make informed choices about their targeting and outreach. Google says:

"We're introducing the new Insights page in Google Ads to give you custom insights specific to your business. The Insights page will feature a trends section that shows current and emerging search demand for the products or services most relevant to your business."

The fresh tools provide insights on search and conversion activity related to terms relevant to your business:

"For example, an outdoor retailer can quickly take notice of rising demand for tents as consumers gear up for more outdoor adventures. And a vacation rental company might see a growing trend for cabins. Explore these trends to uncover opportunities for categories you already promote in your campaigns - as well as for new, related areas you could tap into.
That information could prove very valuable to marketers because it'll help them identify new opportunities they might otherwise never have dreamed up. However, caution is required because it could also lead to advertisers changing campaign aims and using too much targeting - which could reduce the effectiveness of ads.

The insights above don't represent all of the improvements. Google is also increasing the scope of its automated 'Performance Max' campaigns. That's aimed at helping marketers tap machine-learning-based insights in order to optimize campaign performance. Google's video action campaigns will become available to YouTube users too.
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    Interesting - wonder how this will interplay with Google's other recent AI-related announcements ( ... which seem to be pushing toward "dissolving" the individual web page in favor of displaying the relevant search passages in the results themselves (not that they won't always heavily monetize search clicks, too)
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