What is Real-Time Marketing?

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A new article on Hubspot says that, for marketers, the benefits of real0time marketing are just impossible to ignore.

The article says that real-time marketing is a great way to get in front of your target audience. It quotes a report that found a 26% increase in conversion rates from real-time marketing and says stats like that are impossible for marketers just to ignore. So, what precisely is real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing means reacting in real, or near, real-time. It's about creating relevant messaging, and it's achieved on social channels by listening to and anticipating customer needs. Essentially, real-time marketing focuses on current events, trends, or feedback.
The author says that when your company "reacts instead of planning or strategizing a marketing plan for months," that's real-time marketing. You still plan, but you do that quicker. The aim is to connect with your target audience and get your brand position across. Real-time is better for that because you can catch on to current trends - creating more meaningful connections and demonstrating you know what customers are about. Real-time marketing helps you stay relevant to potential customers because you know their interests, and that suggests you also know what they want or need.

Social media is a great place to do real-time marketing. It shows you're listening to what's going on, and you can also look at your website or social media analytics to gain insights about what people are interested in or talking about. There's lots of detail and examples in this article, and I found it to be a very interesting read. For anyone looking to expand or improve how they connect with their audience, this is a fresh way of thinking about how customers perceive marketing efforts and how to add relevance. Well worth a read.
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    Real-time marketing is marketing performed "on-the-fly" to determine an appropriate or optimal approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place
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    also,Real-time marketing captures online user information and data, including personal trends and spending history, to provide instant, individual advertisements to that user.
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