Countdown timer for online marketer. Need criticism

by Mihail
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Welcome all! (sorry in advance for bad english)

I have a lot of cool marketing ideas. And I decided to make small services for info marketers. Who so need such tools.

To your judgment and criticism, I want to demonstrate some of my ready-made ideas. Which we will then make an accessible service.

Video demonstration "Super Timer"

Why am I writing this note. I would like to receive feedback.

I see part of my future in developing services for online marketers. Specifically for sellers of information products, online trainers and everything connected with it. I myself am not a programmer. This is an important point. Exclusively project management and outsourcing of development. So, if you ask something about the code, I cannot answer.

And so the question:

Considering that you have not seen all the functions. Based on what is, or a little better. How much are you willing to pay per month for such an online service?

Why the price interests. This is the most sensible assessment. If a person doesn't spend a cent on it. So I sucked. 1 cent is also a price, I agree.

These are not all developments that I can show. I wanted to start with something. I also have a split test tool (ready). Capturing outgoing traffic popup (ready).

I am waiting for your reaction and comments. For a start, I think it will be enough.

And one more thing: I am glad to meet you in advance.

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    I think you should go for free first and charge for premium options that you can expand in the proces with your timer, this way you will build a customer network.

    ]¦►It is the final countdown◄¦[

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      Thanks for the comment. I'll take that into account. How do you rate this application in general? How interesting was it to you? Exclusive analysis
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    Hi Mihail,
    I also agree with the Widgets' opinion as going for offering free and charging for the premium looks sound. It will develop the relationships with customers and their valuable feedback will let you know the quality of the timer.
    Waiting for the upcoming developments.
    Many thanks.

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      Thanks Naheed! I have many ideas from personal experience how to improve the timer. But if I say them, I will confuse you. Naheed, if you have used such a product, what functionality would be most useful and necessary for you. Without prompting from my side. Only your opinion! And thanks for your comment.
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    Thanks for your reply Mihail! Yes, I am using this product and found it a fine one. At present I don't see any short coming. If I need some improved feature in the timer, I would let you know.
    Many thanks
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