7 marketing trends happening in 2021

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A new article onMarketing Land looks ahead at seven of next year's marketing trends. Trends are based on two surveys conducted in the new Global marketing Trends 2021 reports compiled by Deloitte Insights.

The first survey used 2,500 adult consumers in specific countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The second surveyed over 400 C-suite executives, and CMOs from U.S companies.

A key find was the loss of confidence among executives in their capability to make a strategic impact and influence their peers. CMO confidence percentage fell from 5% last year to just 3% this year, and CEOs saw a fall from 55% to 35%. It was the opposite result for consumers who had positive views of how brands are responding to the global pandemic we are currently in. Four in five people could point to a time a brand responded positively to the pandemic and one in five consumers strongly agreed this led to brand loyalty on their behalf.

Some trends in 2021

1. Purpose: "Flourishing brands will be those that know why they exist and who they are built to serve. "Companies which know "why" they serve their stakeholders are uniquely positioned to navigate unprecedented change."

2. Agility: "Successful marketers will be those who invest in agile marketing strategies. The pandemic-triggered recession is not one that will reward retrenchment over imagination and innovation"

3. Human connections: "Making authentic connections is now more important than speed-to-market or efficiency. It's the choice between taking a cheaper flight or a safer one; buying clothing with the fastest delivery or from the supplier with the most ethically designed supply chain."

4. Trust: "Trust arises when what's promised is what's delivered. Messaging should be transparent, and delivering on those messages should be consistent and reliable. Also, think about shifting your focus from demographics to values."

All seven trends can be viewed by visiting the original article at the top of this page!
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    How are these trends?

    They've always been true.

    Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

    2020 is a torture chamber, and many of you already want to skip to 2021. And this post from Marketing Land is timely, because it's already midway through October - the 7 marketing trends for 2021 as detailed in this report from Deloitte Insights.

    Nike. Toyota. Goodyear. Microsoft. Apple. Google. Nestle. All these long-lasting brands know why they exist, and they know their purpose.

    Our September write-up on agile marketing talks about implementing agile marketing in companies when it comes to relationships and communication. It's also essentially a response to the pandemic-triggered recession. Successful brands will know they have to invest in agile marketing strategies.

    Human connections
    We've seen a shift in brand messaging, with emphasis on authentic connections. This is the choice between buying coffee from unsustainable sources or buying coffee at Starbucks.

    Brand messaging should be transparent, consistent, and reliable. With a lot of unverified content around the internet, it's important for brands to build trust to their audience.

    This is no longer about merely asking for a passive post-purchase review. Now it's more about creating community groups, and even influencing fellow customers.

    Contemporary business partnerships put more emphasis on innovation. Imagine Microsoft and Apple partnering together to donate MacBooks and MS Office to less-privileged students.

    Talent transformation
    Marketing teams will also have to develop new coer teams which reflect their competitive advantage.
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    All of these points have always been important elements of successful marketing. I think what's trending in the marketing landscape is the new marketing automation tools.
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    Very informative thanks for the post.
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    Many thanks for sharing the article on 7 marketing trends happening in 2021. They are absolutely fine for ecommerce businesses. I would love to apply these trends in my circle.
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    Human connections

    Yes, we need it more than ever..

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    Great information!! I will definitely follow these trends.
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    I expected to see things that will trend in 2021 but you have focused on qualities of a successful marketer which are covered in school and have been there ever since man learned how to market products.
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    For successful marketing, these points are essential. I think because of a recent global pandemic, nowadays people want to join the marketplace as a freelancer. This is the perfect post for knowing these factors.
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    These all are pretty good for marketing. But I think this all are existing already in marketing policy. It's not fully trends..............
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    Purpose and Trust are coming with me through 2021
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    Good way to follow in 2021
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    You have shared the essential trends. It will be helpful for me to keep sharing and Thanks for sharing the helpful trends.
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    Another latest marketing trend that is growing so fast is businesses using marketing automation tools to automate certain repetitive tasks. Many businesses have adopted this trend already.
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  • Are these these already a thing. Nonetheless, thanks for sharing
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