Patagonia refuses to fuel a 'superficial desire' for its products

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A new article from Marketing Week says clothing company Patagonia has a focus on addressing the climate emergency and not collaborating with influencers or advertising in fashion magazines.

A specific pair of shorts in the company's latest outdoor apparel range has the message 'Vote the Arseholes Out' stitched inside. This message is "is a call to arms to remove all politicians from office who take money from fossil fuel interests and roll back environmental policy", says Patagonia European marketing director, Alex Weller.

This message was added to a product named 'stand up shorts' as a challenge to stand up to climate deniers.

Both Weller and the entire Patagonia team are eager to not let attention on the world climate crisis be overshadowed by the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Weller also added that the sympathetic talk of politicians doesn't equal meaningful action. Therefore, "unprecedented levels of collaboration and action are required."

Weller also said:

"There isn't an action we take as a business or a decision that doesn't have action at its heart, and when we think about engaging with our customer communities, the pathways to action to create meaningful change are the most important part of what we do."
Weller acknowledges the company's insignificance in relation to the size of the global economy, describing the business as a "mosquito in the room", yet Patagonia still takes its role in the fight against climate change "very seriously" despite not being able to solve every issue.

The four pillars of Patagonia

The company operates according to four pillars, which guide how it approaches all aspects of business and its aim of supporting a global movement away from fossil fuels.

The first pillar pertains to Patagonia's own environmental footprint and meeting a goal to become carbon neutral by 2025. To achieve this, Patagonia are dialling down their carbon impact across every aspect of the business, from the fabric-making process to taking responsibility for the carbon emissions of all partners in the supply chain.

The second and third pillars relate to Patagonia's focus on protecting public lands from the threat posed by corporations, and advocating for regenerative agriculture as a climate change solution, including investing in new agri-tech for harvesting the fibers used in its clothes.

Lastly, Patagonia is focused on transitioning away from using fossil fuels for energy.

Can Patagonia's unusual practices really make a positive dent in climate change or stop fossil fuel energy?
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