¿Can I sell my digital product on different affiliate platforms?

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I am about to lauch my digital product and I am not sure what affiliate platform should I use. My question is can i sell my digital product on different platforms on the same time.

¿Should i make a different website for every platform?

¿Does affiliate networks like clickbank and jvzoo let me sell on many platforms at the same time?
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    Hello, I would not worry about having multiple platforms for your product. I would build one site and one platform. Your primary focus needs to be traffic a, but nd how your site looks and functions.

    You can have the prettiest website on earth, but if you don't have traffic you won't sell a thing! Also, sure you may be able to have different platforms with different landing pages and buy buttons, but no one that knows what they are doing will promote it.

    My suggestion would be to start with a basic website and choose one payment platform. Build a couple different landing pages and send some traffic to them.

    Try different traffic sources and see how people respond. You have a lot of variables to test and many ways of testing them. Do your best to have traffic from different sources and keep track of your results.

    I could write more but do not want to confuse you. Enjoy your journey!

    P.S. There are often many paths to the many different destinations. Choose one and stick with it for at least a year.
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    I did sell in jvzoo and clickback at the same time, there are no problem with that
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