Google's 3 Needs: SEO explained

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A new article on Search Engine Journal looks into the inner workings of Google's search engine optimization (SEO), discussing how 'Google's 3 needs' of understanding, credibility, and deliverability affect SEO.

Understanding, and how to improve it

To recommend your site's content, Google needs to understand who you are, what you offer, and what audience you can serve. A great way to improve Google's understanding of your site is to write clear content using semantic triples, have a good site structure, including appropriate images and videos, and more.

In terms of SEO, understanding is basically the foundation Google uses to evaluate a site's relevancy.

Credibility, and how to improve it

To beat competitors in the race to Google's top search results, your site needs to have high credibility so that google can evaluate which sites will bring the most satisfaction to users. Examples that enhance a site's credibility include positive user reviews and comments, anything that tells Google that your brand is trustworthy and authoritative within your industry, and user-generated content.

Deliverability, and how to improve it

The deliverability of a site simply means how fast it loads, and mobile-friendliness. In modern web space with videos, images, and rich snippets, deliverability can become complex quickly. This is why a site must have great deliverability to rise above the competition.

Some factors that make a site more deliverable in the eyes of Google include:
  • Adapting contents format: Creating content in a format that is appropriate for the type of content it is so that it meets the needs and expectations of users. For example, for a how-to article, to make it deliverable, it would feature lists, videos, and audio instead of long, dragged out text and images.
  • Structured data: Using semantic HTML5 markup and Markup.
  • Making content easy to take in: Using captions for video, transcripts for audio, and alt text for images.
  • Ensuring the site looks great on all devices: Making the site responsive so that content adapts to any device such as mobile phones, desktop, smart TV's, virtual assistants, etc.
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    Why do people even bother to read SEJ?
    The site just copies content from google and adds no value. Isn't it easier to read directly from google?
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