Google Ads 20th Birthday: Here are some of the most notable trends and changes from the last five ye

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A new article on Marketing Land reflects on the most important trends and biggest changes to Google ads in the past five years, as it turns twenty years old.

Google Ads is twenty years old. In the five years since 2015, it has grown rapidly. Back then, it was a $60 billion business, and Yahoo was still a contender in the search game. Skip to 2019; Google Ads generated $135 billion in revenue, and Yahoo was no longer anywhere to be seen.

Some of the significant changes Google ads has undergone in the last five years include:
  • 2015: The launch of 'Customer Match': This signalled a distinct shift in Google's strategy toward audiences, moving away from run of the mill website retargeting. After this, Google implemented affinity, in-market, as well as interest audience targeting. This year saw the launch of predictive audience targeting.
  • 2017: Google allowed user data to be used for YouTube ad targeting, grabbing demographic information and search behavior from all users signed into Google accounts. The introduction of YouTube targeting increased YouTube's ad revenue and enabled the ability for signals from Google search and YouTube to be combined in Google audiences.
  • 2018: The age of fully-automated ads and campaign categories began in Google Ads, also automatically running across an array of other Google-owned properties. This was the year responsive search ads (RSAs) also emerged. RSAs use machine learning to predict the optimum combination of ad titles and descriptions to present to a user, based upon historical data and all of the signals available at the time of auction. The way this works, is advertisers create a collection of titles and descriptions, then hand it over to the Google algorithms to do all the heavy-lifting.

Expect to see a whole bunch changes and trends coming to Google Ads over the coming years as technology such as machine learning becomes more advanced, generating additional ways to create optimal ads for users.
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    Wow, Google ads is 20 years old.

    It is amazing to see that they are still going strong. Bing/Yahoo has some market share but not even close to Google ads.

    Happy birthday Google ads.
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    Many congratulations on Google ads 20th birthday.
    Google ads has made much progress over the years and has introduced many significant changes in the last 5 years.

    Happy birthday once again.
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    Congratulation 20 years of google ads
    Strongly create own empire in the digital world. Business advertising is not only websites, All most covered all areas like youtube, mobile apps, social media. When business people understand the google ads can't leave it.When enter machine learning concept technologies are growing and throwing the top of the sky.

    1)Voice search
    2)personalized newsfeed
    3)Integrated ads campaigns with google lens
    4)Expended audience segments
    So much of the benefits it's had. How much you spend there earns a double profit.
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