How changes in logistics and the supply chain will affect customer experience

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A new article on Marketing Land looks into how global disruptions in the supply chain have implications for brands and marketers, and how logistics affect customer experience.

Erik Mumford is a thought leader in the logistics and supply scene, and a founder of REFASHIOND OS, a company focused on supply chain innovation.

Mumford had this to say about logistics:

"One thing people don't really talk about or understand is that logistics is a huge part of the customer experience, which is a huge part of today's marketing. Everything in marketing today is so much more 1:1, so much more experiential, people want that Amazon-like feel no matter where they go."
Macro supply chain trends

Mumford also spoke on macro supply chain trends, saying:

"There are obviously macro-trends which are in your face like reshoring, near-shoring, and reducing reliance on China"
"Our whole business has been around localization - what we mean by that is localized manufacturing, geographical demand-driven hubs of manufacturing, and this was something that we were trying to orchestrate and get traction around before COVID hit."
Covid-19 was a major accelerator of pre-existing trends. "Prior to COVID, it was much more around sustainability, about being green, more ethical sourcing, slave labor, transparency - those kinds of things," explained Mumford. "Now it's not just those, but a more rapid shift than we had expected away from your traditional global models, and getting more into made-in-U.S.A., and near-shoring, and more resiliency in our supply chains."

Will Covid-19 end the global supply chain's reliance on China?

Covid-19 has emphasized the global supply chain's heavy reliance on China. Brian Laung Aoaeh, another co-founder of REFASHIOND OS, spoke about this:

"This is a complex issue. Yes, China has been a lynch-pin in the global manufacturing supply chain. Due to the trade wars between China and the U.S. many companies are rethinking their manufacturing operations in China, but it is not so easy to just uproot and relocate to a new locale, because there's a lot of tangible and intangible infrastructure that accompanies the kinds of manufacturing capabilities that China has developed."
Aoaeh noted that China will remain a very significant part of global manufacturing for some time.
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    Even Covid-19 has retained a heavy reliance on China. The great name and fame that China earned over the last many years, has retained its prestige even today after the pandemic.
    However, the set back that has faced every state of the world, a race has started to tackle the effects of the pandemic in which China is not behind.

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