Here's How I Make $854 In a Single Click

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Hey Guys!

Today i wanna share a tip that allowed me to

generated $854 in a single CLICK

Basically i'm building a list using autoresponder service

just like so many of you.

All of my High ticket commissions came from email marketing.

So this is the first secret. Big money came from the list, still true till now.

Don't use direct linking for high ticket, you will have very low chance

or even NO CHANCE. How do i know this?

I've tested this with thousands of clicks from both Paid and FREE methods.

My second secret is that instead on pitching them products, i was focusing on

relationship building.

I turn myself into an INFORMATION provider.

Because ultimately, this business, online business is all about TRUST

When you provide good, valuable contents, could be a free artticle, a free video training...

That's how you build trust, that's how you build your relationship.

I saw that there are so many people trying to pitch products every single day
with a hope to make sales. But they got disappointed instead.

And here's why. They didn't focus on relationship building.

There are RULES of any game, and you have to know the rules before you get in the game.

Master the rules, master the game.

I hope this helps
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    So what is this big secret - and HOW did you make $854 in a single click?

    The rest oif the article is basic information posted here many where is the one--click secret?
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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      He did not say secret. He merely implied it. Technically, he is not at fault.

      He's learned how to write a headline that attracts... (He is using How, make, an odd number. Great subject line.)

      Now he needs to figure out how to have the body match, and he's gold. Or stop with the headlines.

      Can hardly wait to see which way he's going to go.

      Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

      So what is this big secret - and HOW did you make $854 in a single click?

      The rest oif the article is basic information posted here many where is the one--click secret?
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    He built relationship with his list and someone decided to buy the high ticket product.
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    Like working ten years to achieve an 'overnight success'?

    I understand the point he's making -but the title is hyped IMO
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    You see potential - I see a pattern
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
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    Hey Guys! That's the exact steps that i used to generate high ticket.

    And that's my secret. What do you want to hear?

    A magic pill?

    Basically the traffic source that i use is Bing Ads and google to make that high ticket.

    With google ads, i use the name of the product only.

    With bing ads, i use the name of the product and some other keywords that i think that
    my prospects will type to find their solution

    Hope this helps
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    I was looking for that very thing you did to earn you $854 but you jst went around in circles can you point it out?
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    List-building is the best way to market your high ticket affiliate products. As the saying says "The Money is in the List"
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    I absolutely agree with your point of building relationships with customers as well as non-customers to turn them to trust your product. When we provide what we promise is what that is a compulsory element to win others' trust, whether it be some article, product, device, tutorial, tip or a technique, etc.
    There are brands who believe in providing full information to people and receive more traffic than those who focus on the marketing of their product.
    So being an INFORMATION PROVIDER itself builds relationships.

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    There are multiple ways to get the 1k click, everyone has their own special something about them that gives the special connection or that I like this person or site and I would like to hear some more from them and see what they are about.

    Once they are on your list it then depends on the journey you send them on. You have a lot of options but if you just send offer after offer, with no real way of helping them besides buy now. You will not get very many, if any, high ticket button pushers.

    You have to build a connection, something they like about what you have to offer. Show them small stuff and some medium stuff. Make sure you always give value either way. Then show them a solution to make their life better and/or easier. Then everyone in a while show them the high ticket items.

    Take it for what it is, but I call it a small piece of advice. Have fun and enjoy the journey..!
    Learn To Earn From The Best...
    "Trust Chuck", I Did..!
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    Mabu, you added the screenshot since I last saw your thread.

    Based on that, you got $184 and change from the click. Then they did not unsubscribe for 4 months, so you got an additional 672 and change.

    Part of your 'secret' is that you chose an item with recurring, automated payments.

    Mabu, it's awesome you're getting this kind of money. But what you did was a secret to you, and is a secret to newbies; it's not a secret to intermediate and advanced marketers. Or to non-marketers who bother to read a book on affiliate marketing.

    When they say the money is in the list, they mean a responsive list. Lists are and remain responsive as long as you don't just bombard them with pitches but create a relationship... can be that you tell them about what you had for breakfast, that your girlfriend is cheating on you, that you enjoy canoeing or knitting, that you share jokes, advice or... Depends on why they got to your list.

    And even beginners will tell you that

    one-time, low price item gets you less money than a

    one-time, low price item with subscription
    and all the other possible variations.

    What people do not know is how to implement.

    They do not know how you got to have someone purchase through your link.

    You tested ads, you said. What would help, if you want to help, is

    I tested
    Bing ads.

    This is the first ad (show/ describe ad).

    This is the 2nd ad (show/ describe ad and point out the difference in the ads and in the responses).

    Let me give you an example from another area of life.

    If I told you I lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months, you cannot use what I told you to lose 30 lbs yourself.

    If I told you I lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months by changing how I eat, you cannot use that info. (This one is the equivalent of what you offered in your post.)

    If I told you I did it by not eating any more sweets, crackers and juices and by limiting my total calories to 1700/day (and that I could do that without being hungry because I replaced ice cream and such with 40 almonds a day as snacks and that my dinner was always some kind of tofu and garbanzo bean salad, you can start doing it.

    If I gave you the exact recipes and amounts and times I ate, you could do exactly what I did.
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