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A new article on HubSpot looks at the phenomenon of ad fatigue, its symptoms, and how to cure it.\

All of us, at some in time, have experienced ad fatigue. What is ad fatigue exactly? Well, it occurs when a user encounter the same ads so frequently that they stop paying attention to them. If the majority of a website's audience experiences ad fatigue, that can seriously affect revenue - because it greatly influences how many visitors click through to become a customer. That results in a negative impact on the whole business.

What are the 'symptoms' of ad fatigue?

Some of the signs your audience may be affected by ad fatigue are:

A reduction in Click-Through-Rates (CTR): Naturally, if a company notices that a large majority of impressions for a specific ad are not transferring into actual clicks by users, this is a definite sign of ad fatigue. Low CTR could also mean your ad doesn't entice clicks because it's visually boring.

Noticing a fall in follower interaction: If a business usually has a high level of follower interaction on social media or good numbers for social media traffic, this could indicate ad fatigue becauseas users are less inclined to interact with the company on a wider scale.

Fewer impressions on ads: A clear reduction in the number of users that see a company's ads, most likely means the campaign is irrelevant. That prevents these ads from appearing at the top of social media platforms, resulting in fewer people ever viewing them meaning less impressions.

How to prevent and cure ad fatigue

Since ad fatigue occurs when a customer gets hit with the same ads over and over, the natural solution is to stop presenting the same ads to the same users. Companies can also create higher quality ads - and even just changing the background colour by by using vibrant and non-monotonous shades can work well. You could also try using Google ad customizers to update ads based on user interests dynamically. If you go down that route, it's essential to ensure that you vary the ads shown, and track their performance too.
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    I also felt this ad fatigue too. The ads divert our attention instead of grabbing our heed. The marketers should amend their ways to converge the users' interest in their product instead of irritating them.
    Thanks for highlighting the issue and providing effective solutions.

    Best Regards
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      Didn't even know this was a thing. I knew about people seeing the same ad over and over reduces effectiveness. But I didn't know it was called ad fatigue.
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        It wasn't called ad fatigue. They named it that to sound smarter.

        Which one sounds smarter:

        People get bored with ads and start ignoring them.

        People get ad fatigue and that reduces the effectiveness of ads.

        Originally Posted by extrememan View Post

        Didn't even know this was a thing. I knew about people seeing the same ad over and over reduces effectiveness. But I didn't know it was called ad fatigue.
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    Ad fatigue is really annoying when consulting some website. It diverts the users' attention instead of grabbing their interest. It irritates sometimes. Marketers should amend their ways if they really want to converge the users' attention towards their product.
    Highly appreciable effort to highlight the issue and provide effective solutions.
    Best Regards
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    As a customer, I wouldn't want an ad to show up on every other site that I am visiting. It gets annoying. The advertiser should keep on changing the way the ad looks and what it says. That way most of us would at least read it and click on it too if it sounds interesting.
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    The so called ad fatigue especially kicked in when they started using your browser history instead of contextual targeting. Two weeks ago I browsed something about electric guitars now every site I visit that has AdSense ads shows ads about guitars. It's useless. I already found what I was looking for. Contextual targeting was powerful, it makes little sense why they abandoned that idea.
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    For example, you tube is full of loud annoying preroll ads now. Getting your company noticed is a lot more worrisome. Yeah, the process was easier years ago. Back then our main problem was banner blindness and people resorted to flashing banners using animated GIF images, but most are those are thankfully gone.
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