Ways that marketers can maintain consumer relationships

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A new article on Marketing Land reports on the relationship between marketers and consumers, how those ties got strengthened by the Covid-19 pandemic, and strategies to maintain and build them.

Covid-19, instead of shattering marketer-consumer bonds, has enabled brands to develop and even strengthen them. Considering the damage that the ongoing pandemic has done to the marketing industry, such as forcing agencies and departments to operate with less staff and much lower budgets, new strategies to enhance and build upon the relationships between consumers and marketers are constantly being developed and implemented.

Derek Gominger, Director of Global eCommerce Strategy and Operations, spoke about consumer-marketer relationships at the MarTech conference:

"We are at an exciting inflection point that creates a lot of opportunities for companies today to use data to shape their vision, [Companies can] connect with customers in a better way that creates opportunities for all of us to grow our businesses and get closer to our customers."
When it comes to establishing a strong consumer-marketer relationship, tailoring services or products to meet the needs of consumers is very important. That's known as personalization, and the method can be used to nurture loyalty among a customer base, forming a brand, and creating a user community centered around it.

Factors limiting marketer-consumer relationships

Unfortunately, creating strong marketer-consumer relationships that involve personalization is becoming increasingly more difficult. That is due to various privacy regulations that popped up in recent times, for example, the CCPA in California.

Despite data becoming scarcer by the second and personalization becoming harder to achieve, it is definitely not advised that organizations begin pursuing personal data through spam emails and calls, as this will most likely turn customers off from a company's services and products. There are certainly less invasive and more consumer-friendly methods for including personalization into a marketer-consumer relationship.</p>
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    One way to maintain and strengthen relationships with consumers is to deliver (exactly) what is promised. Pandemic enhanced the chances of online businesses and it brought the marketers and consumers even closer. Marketers can also build strong relationships with consumers by meeting the needs of the customers, by solving their problems. Marketers must know the consumers' pain points and do their best to relieve their pain.
    Better communication can also play a key role in building strong relationships with customers.

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    • I absolutely agree with your comment. With a world pandemic marketers had to find a better way to understand the users, and engage in a smarter way. I think that using personalization tools, helps with getting better ideas of the users, with minimal effort, time well used for creating the proper campaigns, and in general - give the user exactly what it wants.
      Especially in an era where website are for the SMB with no knowledge in coding, design or even user journeys, apps and platforms that do that, for example Twik in Shopify, can be a lifechanging both the marketer and the client.
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    IMO Home Depot has done an especially good job of this both of late, and over the last few years. They know their customer cohorts quite well (pro contractors, newbie home owners, etc), have invested big time in digital capabilities that allow a unified shopping experience on/offline (in addition to investments in supply chain and merchandising), and quickly adapted their stores and experiences to become inviting-yet-COVID19 "friendly." They provide the kind of customization and personalization I actually want (and goes without saying it's for products/brands I've actively sought.)
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