Twitter Releases helpful consumer insights ahead of Christmas period

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A new article on Social Media Today reports on how Twitter UK has revealed insights based on tweet activity that could help businesses better prepare as the busy Christmas period draws nearer.

These insights will allow businesses to develop a better understanding of their consumer-base and to gauge where to focus holiday promotions. The above image indicates a 10% increase in Twitter users mentioning 'Christmas' throughout March to September this year, in comparison to last year. This data is best explained by the Covid-19 pandemic, as families and friends long to unite in person amid lockdowns and other restrictions.

The image below further reinforces this longing:

The ongoing pandemic has, in many cases, ignited a strong bond among local businesses and small, independent stores. This loyalty is why many festive shoppers may decide to buy products from stores that are struggling financially. The data below supports this:

Christmas may be around the corner, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean Covid will magically disappear. People remain vigilant about health risks and want to minimize their chances of contracting the virus. Twitter data indicates that a large number of users have mentioned shopping early to beat the crowds.

Twitter had this to say regarding health and safety measures this holiday season:

"In-store health and safety is a key concern this holiday season. People on Twitter are talking about shopping early to avoid the crowds. Brands should rethink the timing of offers and be prepared to welcome customers earlier"
Stores and businesses have a responsibility to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to protect the health and safety of customers and workers, such as masks and social distancing. It is also vital that these measures are communicated to customers entering stores for safety.

What does Covid mean for Christmas?

Many expected the Covid nightmare to be long over by Christmas, yet cases remain high across parts of the world. In Europe, a series of nationwide lockdowns in France, the UK, Germany, Austria and Belgium make it very unlikely that normal life will resume soon. Lockdowns could easily extend past the Christmas period into the new year.

Businesses can use these valuable insights to shape promotion campaigns for the holiday season, to meet current trends and consumer interest.
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    it's may not be a good option
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    Thanks. I do wish Twitter had better contextualized some of these numbers (growth versus past year, share of comments, etc). In a vacuum "37k" could sound like a lot, but it might not be especially meaningful.

    Might also be interesting to see how UK Twitter sentiment has, or hasn't, changed since the new lockdowns were announced...
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