What is 'Marketing with Purpose'?

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A new article on Marketing Land looks into the initiative, 'Marketing with Purpose,' that marketers are using to build up brands by gaining the trust of consumers while sustaining their values. To achieve this, Marketing with Purpose follows five actions, each across three major segments of marketing. These actions come from Microsoft's 'Marketing with Purpose Playbook.'

Responsibility, values, and inclusion.

Let's take a look at some of those actions:
  • Responsibility: In marketing, responsibility pertains to protecting the privacy of the consumer and delivering them a premium experience. A few ways companies can improve in this area include being honest with the consumer about how data is collected and putting brand safety first.

    The author recommends:

    "Start by actively reviewing your practices on privacy and data collection but also know the platform's policies on where your ads will be placed. Being a responsible marketer also means prioritizing brand safety and choosing wisely where you place your ads as well as ensuring you're producing accessible marketing."
  • Values: Instilling values in a brand allows people with similar beliefs to relate, bringing like-minded consumers together to create a brand experience. Values also generate brand loyalty, which is beneficial to a company because it increases sales. Often these customers will continue to buy products from a business they are loyal to.

    Marketers can build brand values by considering the differing beliefs of a consumer base in relation to ethnicities, generations, and sexual orientations.
  • Inclusion: This refers to non-stereotypical marketing, ensuring everyone is treated equally regardless of their background and establishing a strong bond with consumers. When a company does these things, brand loyalty develops because customers feel welcomed.

    As the author puts it:

    "A responsible, values-based, and inclusive approach to marketing isn't just about targeting niche segments, providing product value or policy compliance. It's about building genuine relationships with people that celebrate diversity and a wide range of human experiences. Intentional inclusion with purpose woven throughout the brand experience conjures up feelings of acceptance, contentment, confidence, certainty, hope, and safety which precipitates loyalty -- a leading indicator of future business growth."

To see each of the five actions for every marketing segment and to check out the Marketing With Purpose Playbook, be sure to visit the original article!
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    Marketing basically consists of buying, selling of goods and services including market research, promotion and advertisements. It's purpose is to identify the needs and wants of customers, to satisfy them and to convince the buyers to purchase goods and services.

    Yes, promotion and advertising plays a vital role in manipulating customers to acquire new wants, as it is said wants are unlimited, so with the advancement of technology every now and then the products keeps on updating its features which lures the customers to convert their wants into their needs. Some of the examples are smart phones and automobiles.
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    thank you it was very useful
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    Building up trust is pivotal in business .I agree that every prospect and customer should be treated with respect.Listening is going to help too. Listening enables brands to give detailed responses to consumers .
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    a lot of meanings we have now , but this much helpful thx
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    Indeed, the central motivation behind showcasing is to draw in purchasers to your image through informing. In a perfect world, that informing will accommodating and instructive to your intended interest group so you can change over buyers into leads.
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