I got the top 1 and 2 spot in Google for Website flipping buy and sell 1.8m result, now what?

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Im happy to announce that I was able to dominate top 1 & 2 spot in google search. These are sites that links back to my blog. Which basically contains Nada!

Just a few articles. The result set is 1.8M

Now what do I do. I want to monitize it already but my sales page and products are still under development.

I need the cash now (personal problems). Anybody wants to suggest something?

Ohh, and one last thing, if anybody wants to buy the spot I could easily change the links and point it to your site.

Please help.

I really need...you know....


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    Hi Rapid,

    Without understanding your site and business focus, I would recommend that you sign up for a couple of affiliate programs relating to Website Flipping. You could either write up a simple review of each product and include your affiliate links or even use direct linking - depends on how mucg time you have and your long term plans for the site/domain.

    Provided you are getting decent traffic to the existing sites, a well chosen affiliate program should convert into a decent amount of sales for you.

    Hope this helps.
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      Is that keyword generating any traffic? Be sure you know the answer to that question first.

      If you find out that it is, a how-to book on site flipping would be good. Anyone searching that term obviously is looking for more info on the subject; they would be a hot prospect for an info book.
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    If you are getting traffic... change the site into a sales page for website/domain flipping. Charge under $10 for the book and you should make a good amount of sales.
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