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As a writer, I am always told that I should use SEO for myself, so here I am. I have a basic understanding of SEO from a few years ago, but this knowledge is dated and most probably ineffective, at best. I have taken this often-advised path and began by writing articles for a new CPA multi-niche site that I made for this purpose. My website will be a huge learning curve for me and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead.

After gingerly stepping back on the first rung of the high-reaching ladder of SEO, I was fast met with some questions. I have taken to Google but I've always preferred to have a line of communication with someone that can help. In turn, I will pass my knowledge on to people in my situation further down the line.

I apologise for the bulleted, quick-fire questions. I couldn't think fo a clearer way of doing it. So, here's the questions I have:
  • Anchor Text Length: I have noticed that a lot of anchor text I am seeing goes across a full sentence, as opposed to just the keyword. Is this the correct way?
  • Anchor Text Frequency: Is it best to anchor every mention of a keyword or shall I just stick to 1-in-100-words?
  • Keyword Stuffing: A year or two ago, this was a big no-no. However, I've seen my high-ranking competitors shamelessly adding a long list of keywords at the end of their articles. Is this a thing now?

Thanks for taking the time to read and for any advice, in advance.
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    I'll only answer the first question.
    Yes... I do it as well, at times my anchor text is a sentence.
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      Thanks for the reply, man. I'll do the sentences then.
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