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As a writer, I am always told that I should use SEO for myself, so here I am. I have a basic understanding of SEO from a few years ago, but this knowledge is dated and most probably ineffective, at best. I have taken this often-advised path and began by writing articles for a new CPA multi-niche site that I made for this purpose. My website will be a huge learning curve for me and I'm looking forward to the journey ahead.

After gingerly stepping back on the first rung of the high-reaching ladder of SEO, I was fast met with some questions. I have taken to Google but I've always preferred to have a line of communication with someone that can help. In turn, I will pass my knowledge on to people in my situation further down the line.

I apologise for the bulleted, quick-fire questions. I couldn't think fo a clearer way of doing it. So, here's the questions I have:
  • Anchor Text Length: I have noticed that a lot of anchor text I am seeing goes across a full sentence, as opposed to just the keyword. Is this the correct way?
  • Anchor Text Frequency: Is it best to anchor every mention of a keyword or shall I just stick to 1-in-100-words?
  • Keyword Stuffing: A year or two ago, this was a big no-no. However, I've seen my high-ranking competitors shamelessly adding a long list of keywords at the end of their articles. Is this a thing now?

Thanks for taking the time to read and for any advice, in advance.
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    I'll only answer the first question.
    Yes... I do it as well, at times my anchor text is a sentence.
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      Thanks for the reply, man. I'll do the sentences then.
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    It is better to use the naked URL as anchor text. If your domain name is a brand name you can use your brand name as an anchor text. Never use your keyword as an anchor text like Best ABC or something like that. You generic words for anchor text. That's how you can save yourself from google penalties.
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