Organic search presence, and what it means for your business

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports on the importance of organic presence for a company's success and looks at the influence of digital presence.

  • Business websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Online reviews (such as via Google and Facebook)

The organic presence of a business relates to the percentage of the search engine market it owns in terms of keywords that relate to its brand, alongside its share of results spanning across all search result pages. Determining the owned percentage of market share can greatly benefit a company in numerous ways. For instance, companies can compare their search engine rankings with those of competitors to see if any SEO changes are necessary in order to boost site rankings.

The image below illustrates the organic presence of multiple sites:

Methods to determine search presence

There isn't a predefined method for measuring search presence, but factors such as branded versus non branded keywords can determine the most suitable technique. It's certainly worth the effort because calculating search market share forms an invaluable statistic for comparing success against that of competitors in the same field. It can also highlight any prevalent marketing issues that need to be improved. It's also worth noting that most well-known brands will already have great search presence, even before any SEO optimization.

Search presence: Paid vs. Owned

To maintain high search presence, a company can opt for paid traffic, but this isn't sustainable, because costs mount up quickly. It is far more beneficial to own search presence; this means investing in SEO, and gradually building up your SERP profile over time.
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  • Amazing information regarding social media marketing. Thanks for your precious suggestion.
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    This is insightful. Thanks for sharing this information.
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    An organic presence is fundamental to any business that needs to prevail in the new period of search. Having this presence shows an unmistakable vision. This vision incorporates profoundly understanding your objective market and an away from of your intended interest group so you can adequately approach and appeal to them
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    I think that organic presence has a lot to do with how a brand grows. For a new or struggling brand, the formation of a base to mark its presence would take quite some time. Whereas any popular brand will have its presence in no time due to its popularity even if it joins way after the new brand. So popularity matters a lot in this case.
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  • organic search presence is the most important thing to have for the reason of the business if the organic presence is good then for sure you will have the business
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