Connected TV strategies for attracting New Year's resolution consumers

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A new article on Marketing Land reports that as New Year approaches, it's a great time to target consumers using Connected TV.

This article says that an IAB report found 53% of surveyed media buyers plan to move broadcast TV ad spend to Connected TV CTV). We also hear that 52% of cable budget-controlling buyers said they intend to redirect spending too. Both of those things are influencing marketers to make similar moves in terms of where they concentrate budgets and efforts. With New Year's resolutions currently being planned, this is a big time of year for spending on self-improvement, fitness, and other similar sectors. The author also cites additional research that says CTV allows brands to create great first impressions with this specific market:
  • CTV ads are 67% more effective in terms of individual exposures than with linear TV.
  • CTV ads produce a 42% increase in brand favorability.

Getting started with Connected TV

That all sounds pretty impressive, and if you're thinking you'd like to get involved, you're probably wondering where and how to start. The first thing to note here is, if that's you, the timing is impeccable. The run-up to Christmas and New Year is a great opportunity to try new marketing techniques, and people will be inside getting out of the cold too.

The original article has some great tips for marketing via CTV, and it's well worth a quick read if you're looking for ideas about how to go about doing just that. It would help if you were doing a lot of research about how users navigate using CTV, where and how often they visit, average time spent on sites, how often they convert, and of course, what items - and the value of the items - in their carts.

Connected TV should represent part of your New Year ad plans, and the stats in this article really do seem to back this up.
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    Thanks. This applies to youtube marketers as well .... crazy to me the massive scale YT now has on TV sets (in some markets it's bigger/nearly as big, on TVs, as Netflix!)
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