New Study About TikTok Promotions and Ad Campaigns

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that TikTok is only going to get more useful for marketers now that it looks set to remain available in the US.

The article says now might be the time to take the TikTok plunge if you've been putting it off over concerns about it getting banned in the US. It highlights a new analysis report about the platform carried out by VidMob, which looked at more than 1,400 TikTok ads from 34 US brands. The ads ran between January and September this year.

The company provides twelve tips for marketers in the article based on the study's findings. If you'd like to read about this in more depth, it's well worth giving the piece a read, but here's a quick summary:

Highlight exaggerated expressions: VidMob says powerful emotions lead to a 1.7x higher 6-second view rate.

Increase text speed: VidMob says five-ten words per second led to higher view rates.

Choose music-only audio: VidMob says music-only audio led to a 51% increase in 6-second view rate.

Use original tracks: VidMob's analysis also illustrates TikTok ads featuring custom audio led to a 52% increase in 6-second view rate.

Limit the close-ups: The study showed limiting the subject's face to less than 20% of the frame led to a 31% increase in CTR.

Break the direct gaze: The study also indictated a 1.7x increase in CTR when publishers looked directly into the camera for less than half of the video.

Keep the audio simple: Data shows that when TikTok videos include either music-only or voiceover-only, CTR is 1.6x greater than when both music and a voice are used together.

Harness the power of voice effects: Adding voice effects to videos leads to a 1.7x increase in CTR.

Expand emotional range: The more emotion, the better - research showed there is a 3.3x increase in conversion rate when publishers display 4 or more emotions.

Open with your call to action: Including your CTA early works best - VidMob found a CTA in the opening frame led to a 44% increase in conversions, compared with displaying a CTA later.

Mix the audio: VidMob's study also illustrated that including both music and narration led to a doubling in the conversion rate.

Increase voiceover speed: VidMob also discovered videos with audio that featured four or more words per second resulted in a 19% conversion rate increase.
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