The Ways Universal SERPs Change and How You Can Stay on Top

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that with SERPS constantly evolving, you need to keep up with the changes when it comes to how you do SEO.

The pandemic has driven many industries online, so there's never been more of a need for effective SEO. Areas like finance, healthcare, communication, and even conferences have all gone web-based because of the virus. It's created more competition for SERP positions.

Universal Search
Universal Search is made up of images, videos, local businesses, and rich snippets. Results appear in a box, usually above other SERP results. There are different formats based on various search queries, and users are increasingly favoring visual results.

Google loves displaying relevant images. The better the quality and relevance of your images, the higher you'll place.

What you can do: Think about including information and branding in your images. Make sure they're all original and tagged properly - add keywords.

More videos than ever are showing up on SERPs. In fact, studies suggest 62% of universal search results are based on video.

What you can do: Publish videos on your website and YouTube. Make sure to include CTAs in your YouTube videos. Embed videos on your website pages. Keep them high-quality.

People Also Ask Box
Natural Language Processing makes the People Always Ask box possible. Google rewards clear and concise answers with an organic position.

What you can do: Research around question-based queries, like how, can, and why. Provide short, relevant answers, and update them regularly.

The 3-Pack
The Local 3-Pack favors results for physical locations. Information displayed can include the address, website, and opening hours.

What you can do: Keep Google My Business updated, have lots of reviews, add GPS data.

Carousel Results
Google Carousel can display images, videos, and movies for restaurants, food, travel, and hospitality advertisers. They don't appear with every search, only displaying for 'best,' 'list of,' and 'places' searches.

What you can do: Make sure your images and videos are high-quality, and keep your reviews up to date.
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