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A new article on HubSpot reports on data-driven marketing tips from, and the effectiveness of data-driven marketing.

Data is an effective marketing tool used for a variety of purposes, such as correcting errors from past campaigns, and is typically used to allow marketers to gain an understanding of their audience; including their preferences and behaviors. understands the importance of data-driven marketing and has provided some useful tips on the subject. Rotem Shay, Head of User Acquisition and SEO, sheds some light on's stance towards data-driven decisions:

"We strongly believe in data-driven decisions for everything we do, from the day-to-day to planning future campaigns."
Don't limit your team to one analytics tool

Data-driven marketing requires quality analytics tools to get the job done. Shay comments on's analytics tool, BigBrain:

"Our main tool for tracking campaigns is an internal and powerful tool we built here, in-house, called BigBrain. With BigBrain, we're able to track and centralize all the data in one place so we have one source of truth. We complement BigBrain with Looker, Google analytics 360, HubSpot, and Singular to make sure we don't miss anything."
If your team is struggling with a tool that has limited capabilities or features, it's worth trying multiple tools in combination with each other.

Focus on all metrics

Marketers often focus solely on key metrics and pay little attention to the rest. Shay disagrees with this, advising:

"In marketing campaigns, I believe you need to measure everything and track everything you can -- starting from how many impressions you get, until the end of your funnel. In order to make the right decisions, you have to see the whole picture. Sometimes people think that too many metrics or numbers make too much 'noise', but I really believe that a marketer should get all the information she can get and, after digesting all the data, clear the 'noise'."
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