Facebook offers brands useful ad copy and E-commerce tips ahead of the festive season

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A new article Social Media Today reports that Facebook has revealed a range of useful tips to help brands maximize sales during the Christmas period. These tips arrive at the perfect time, as thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of customers are shopping online. Some of the tips provided by Facebook include:

Mobile-friendly shopping experience
Many customers browse websites on their phones, so brands should ensure that sites offer a smooth, mobile-friendly experience. Facebook had this to say on the matter:

"People expect a seamless shopping experience when using their phones and other mobile devices - especially during checkout. Make sure the checkout process on your website is mobile-responsive, if not mobile-first."
Ensure your website is speedy
Sluggish websites detract from the customer experience and will cause visitors to leave before they even buy a product. A site's speed is also a major factor in SEO; a slow site will have lower user satisfaction and will rank lower in search results. Facebook commented on page load time, stating:

"Slow load time on checkout pages can cause doubt in the mind of the shopper and force them to exit before they complete their payment. Improve your website's page load speed, particularly in the checkout process."
Streamlined purchase process
If it takes too long for a customer to reach the checkout page, they are less likely to follow through with the purchase, meaning a site's buying process must be as streamlined as possible, eliminating any potential hindrances. Facebook commented on this:

"Requiring a shopper to add their job title or surname - which adds about two clicks or taps - or their date of birth - which adds up to 11 clicks or taps - could turn customers away. Take a look at your checkout experience and eliminate any unnecessary steps for the shopper."
To read the full list of tips, visit the original article.
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