Creating a youtube channel based on my blog content

by RobVJ
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What are your opinions on creating youtube vids using stock vid footage with a voice over? Obviously professionally created, looking as best as they can.

i am considering making some vids in this formate - especially more affiliate driven content best XXXX

Personally, i dont think they look that great, but i see a lot of engagement in the videos.

because of the nature of the blog, its difficult for me to actually use real footage of me with the products.

any experiences doing this? do they convert well? are they just tacky and stay away??

love to hear what you think

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    I think you should test it and see what happens. What do you have to lose?
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    Hmmm...good question. A lot of inspirational YouTube videos do this method. I think it is worth a try if your voice over content is thought provoking and perhaps if you also add subtitles too. Go for it!
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    yes give it a try and be consistent with it for a while and see what happens
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    I created a couple of videos using an online paid service and I got some new prospects in the same day of publishing. So it's definitely worth trying!
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    Meh. More of the same. If you're going to do something, why not distance yourself from the clowns and do something different? Do we need another of what you've got? Is the marketplace crying out for what you are going to put in front of them?

    More of the same is not the way. Why would it be? Most people, when they put on a marketing hat; become mindless fools incapable of thinking for themselves. Instead of finding ways to be different, they instead don a clowns outfit and join the circus, becoming another wally in a group full of wally's; making it so difficult to get noticed.

    Another clown pulling confetti from a bucket, dancing for the same attention all the other clowns are after, shows a clear lack of creativity.

    At least try to be different.

    Turn off the noise coming from EVERY other marketer. Sit down, and come up with something unique; not a similar version of something people have seen a million times already.
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      i completly agree

      Was it using stock footage etc? was it continued results?

      I think i will
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    I am on you tube everyday and have over a 1,000 videos on my channel and add new ones every day. I don't know about using stock videos. Nothing wrong with doing voice overs as I have done many.

    But I highly recommend you create your 'own' content that serves your niche and marketplace.

    By creating your own value based content, you will start getting viewers (following), subscribers and engagement.

    And traffic.
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    Youtoob exists to shock Satan outta his pajamas.

    It saturates brains with othah brains.

    So you gotta de-mleh much as you can -- but prefrbly naht when pets are present bcsit is no way their fault.

    That is why they are pets.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    Thank you guys for your feedback - all noted. I didnt say what i was promoting but i did say its pretty difficult/almost impossible for me to use the real products ect in my videos - hence the use of hi-quality pics and vids with voice over.

    If it was possible for me to use the probs to promote and inform then i would but sadly thats not an option right now but I would obviously take the necessary steps - YT seo - titles etc that's not a problem.

    I just wondered if such formats convert. I think i will have a few created and see what happens - you never know If i remember i can give an update in a few months.

    Thanks guys
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    I've used YouTube since it arrived and have racked up views in millions.
    I use stock video in videos I make these days and I have to say it works really well.
    Much depends on how you use it, having the right editing skills etc.
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    Better if you are on the video so that people know, like, and trust you.

    They can see your face.
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