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by Dave d
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Hi Warriors,

When I first started with IM about a year ago I started with Clickbank. 3 Ezine articles I wrote back then have generated nearly $400 in sales. They have trickled in since I wrote them and a few very recent sales and Im sure I'll get more.

Firstly after a year I have still not met thier CDR requirements and secondly I mainly site flip now but I can see some big potential in Clickbank especially since I did nothing really apart from write 3 articles.

I am now considering a full on assault on Clickbank mainly to release the funds and to scale up the sales but I know there are many ways to earn from Clickbank and I was looking for some recommendations on the best way forward considering I have many other projects on the go. Should I focus on article marketing or is there a good CB course I could take that would give me the low down . The only road I dont want to go down is PPC as this is something I dont want to pump a lot of money in to.

Any advice appreciated.

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    Clickbank is just a place to get all sorts of affiliate products in many niches to sell for a commission. ( the affiliate model )

    Since you've had success with using articles to generate traffic why not continue?

    Of course there are many methods of attracting targeted visitors to any offer and using articles/content is just one of them.

    Have you heard of the 30 day challenge?

    They have an excellent step by step course to help you learn to earn with the affiliate model.

    If you've got a little cash, John Reese has also.

    All The Best!!


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    I have read many posts on CB on these forums. Most of them says submitting articles and redirecting the visitor to your CB affiliate sites will produce many sales. (doing affiliate marketing with article marketing)

    As you are telling you have many other projects are going on and you had good results with your 3 articles, then stick with that article marketing. But don't forget to set up a blog and post your articles in there too.

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    The only road I dont want to go down is PPC as this is something I dont want to pump a lot of money in to.
    you shouldn't discount the power of PPC to help you build a list fast and then sell CB products to your list. I use it consistently and while there are some pitfalls to avoid, if you get a good guide on PPC, you can set up an inexpensive campaign that will result in profits for the longer term.

    ALL newbies make the same mistake - they resist building a list.

    List building and marketing to that list are the two keys to long term success in IM.
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    Thanks Guys,

    When I said $400 in sales I meant commissions. I am gonna give Marios WSO a go. Ive read some of his reports and they are pretty good.

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      You seem to be saying you have earned $400 at CB but haven't been paid due to the hoops they insist on? If so, CB will drain every cent from that account with fees eventually.

      Have friends with credit cards? Think about it! You earned the money - find a way to collect it.

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    I'd suggest going with a few of the better known clickbank products, some of them feature fantastic sales material that they provide you with on their affiliate page that help you get a jump start on things.

    They even have things like autoresponder content, keywords to target, and so forth.


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    There are many ways to exploit the wealth of Clickbank..PPV comes to mind. If you follow Adeel Chowdry and Bobby Walker, I think that they address a variety of ways to become an affiliate marketer.

    Good luck
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    Think ppc is scary but am going to get started in it soon , the best of luck to you

    Don`t sell . Participate
    Traffic Blog

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    Hi, Ive just joined a course which so far is really good fun and have made me a few hundred pounds. it usilises clickbank and promooted the products on cell phones, especially iphone,(the markets less saturated than on the internet)
    check out the details and videos in the link below. i' enjoyng it and making money
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