Marketing Land's Reasons why not to buy a shiny new thing

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A new article on Marketing Land says that you should think twice before you commit to investing in new tech - can you actually make it work to its full potential?

The author here says that the martech space is full of shiny things: CDP, DAM, DSP, iPaaS, the list goes on. However, they make the point that for every shiny thing, there comes a legion of salespeople and evangelists. While it's easy to understand why you might get seduced by the hype, there are some reasons not to rush straight out and buy that shiny new addition.

Security approvals

Security just can't be overlooked, and every organization out there has to ward off different threats. New tools have to integrate with a whole load of other stack components, and that can complicate security. You'll need to think carefully about whether what the new shiny thing brings is going to be worth the time and effort involved.

Existing contracts

You have to consider that your existing tools can do. While feature overlaps aren't enough of a reason to rebuff new tech, think about how long is left on contract periods. It can sometimes make sense to wait.

Site speed concerns

It's worth remembering that everything you add impacts load time. Think about UX and SEO, and always consider what's going to be scripting. Will the extra stuff slow stuff down too much?

"Pro tip: Identify other sites that use this tool. Use page speed and browser developer tools to see how it affects them."
Institutional investment

Shiny things may be new and even bring many great new benefits to the table, but they require dedicated sponsorship and competent users. There are training and implementation to think about before you take the plunge.
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