Build a Sports Blog Around a Region or Continue National Route

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Not self promotion at all. I have a sports website called Sports Talk 365. It's mainly a football website that covers football in the gulf coast region such as the New Orleans Saints and LSU football. But I also feature broad topics such as the NFL, NBA and fantasy football. Should I continue to stay regional or niche down more? Site is going into its second year?
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  • Hi - are you able to provide any additional information about the site? Is the site a revenue generator or a lead generator for something else? If the former, how do you monetize? Who do you consider the core target audience for it? (how hardcore is their sports affinity, etc) How do you feel it did in year one? Etc.

    Some of the answers to the above might help inform strategy recommendations. IMO an ultra-niched down, "inside baseball" focus on one team (either geared toward super fans or gamblers, or perhaps both) could lend itself to a subscription model similar to what The Athletic is doing (albeit they're aggregating writers across sports). But if you have an advertising model and thus a broad focus, it may make sense to keep covering multiple sports of interest within your region ... and perhaps use the blog to promote, say, an offshoot podcast or two that you may be able to better monetize.
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      The site is mostly ad revenue and affiliate links on merch.


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      • It seems like you'd want to keep it broader then based on that model? How did it do in year one? Does your question about niche-ing down stem from discontent about Year one traffic?
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          I didn't do too bad. I just don't have the time to focus my efforts on covering multiple sports. I don't have a dedicated staff at the moment.


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    It depends on your goal and what you want to accomplish .I think the value of your content is the most important. It won't hurt to narrow down and cover sub topics with in a niche instead if going broad. I think the more you niche down,the more specific and targeted your traffic should be .
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    with more budget, opening the second website is better option I think since it has a slightly different intention , also better with seo too since it started as local one, seen as local authority, especially if it's having original contents

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